Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Solo Ride

It was hot as all get out today.  I got in my car and it was 105 degrees sitting on the driveway.  I hitched up the trailer and by the time I got to the barn it was 98 degrees. 

Biscuit didn't run or move off when he saw me coming down the road with the trailer.  I didn't turn in though.  I hopped out of the Rav and Biscuit just stood there while I put his halter on and he loaded right up.  I stopped at the barn and got his Aussie saddle and off we went.

I got to the stables and unloaded him.  I tied him to the side of the trailer, pulled out the saddle with the pad tied to it, flopped it on him and girthed him 1/2 way.  OMG so much easier than the Billy Cook. 

Some kids were over on the basketball pavilion and were making all kinds of racket and Biscuit seemed a little nervous.  I talked softly to him and he seemed to calm down.  I mounted up with no problem and hit the trail.  He seemed a little reluctant at first and for awhile walked S-L-O-W.  We got to the back and I asked for a jog and he hit a jog and away we went.  I had to make him collect up a few times and when I asked him to walk he still wanted to go. 

It was hot even with my cool vest on but not unbearable.  We got up to near the trail head and he was wanting to GO.  There were 2 trailers in the parking lot - the same people we saw last week.  I got off of Biscuit on the trail and walked him out and he was a little snotty over the other horses.  The young man I spoke to last week asked me about the Aussie saddle and said a lady with them would love to see it.  He said Biscuit was a nice big boy...Biscuit looked like a million bucks today! 

She came out and looked at it and said she loved it!  She liked the poleys.  I offered to let her sit in it and she said she needed a step to get on....hahahahaa  I said "as it turns out so do I."  We walked over to the stool and she mounted up and walked Biscuit in a circle.  She loved it and asked where to get it and how much it was.  I gave her a card and said she could call me and I would give her the info as we didn't have anything to write it down with. 

This is Angela on Biscuit
I unbuckled the girth and Angela took the saddle with the pad off of him and loved how light it is.  I cleaned Biscuit's hooves - they were caked with mud and pebbles and then hosed him off so he wasn't nasty.  I loaded him up and dumped his feed in the bucket.  I figured by the time I got back the Jamie would have already fed the horses.

I loaded him up right when the city workers started to cut grass and OMG I had just closed the ramp with the city worked ran the huge lawnmower right up behind the trailer.  Biscuit was so nervous and upset in the trailer.  I got in the Rav and pulled into the park and turned left and then left to go down the exit road near the barn.  I was on the phone with Kellie and got half way down and realized the gate was closed.  I wasn't able to turn the trailer around even though I tried so I straightened it up and backed it all the way to the road!!!  Woot!!!!  I backed it up about 100 yard or more without a problem.  Woot!!!  That is fabulous!! 

I hauled Biscuit back to the barn and the PP riders still hadn't returned from Brushy Creek.  Can't wait to hear about their ride!

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