Sunday, June 10, 2012

Biscuit isn't a fan of Fans!

Lee Ann B and I made plans to ride Sunday morning.  We met out at the barn at 8:00 AM.  I went down to get Biscuit and he was finishing his feed and he walked away about 50 yards.  I walked right up to get him though without a problem.  I unloaded him at the barn and tied him on the wash rack.

Wow Wee  -  fans have been installed on the washrack!!!!!  One on each end.  I wanted to turn them on as Biscuit was sweating.  Lee Ann said Rogue had really seemed to like them.  She turned them on and Biscuit had a COW - he was pulling back and very upset.  We turned them off and I took him off the wash rack and calmed him down.  She turned them back on and I led him to the washrack and let him get used to it.  He was giving it the evil eye and kept touching me with his nose to make sure he was ok...LOL  he is funny.

We loaded up and hauled to the park.  Biscuit stood still to be saddled without me fussing at him.  Thank God...I got sick to death of him dodging the saddle.  We took off and made three rounds and much of that was at a jog.  Biscuit gave me a little tiny bit of guff about keeping on the rein, going straight and keeping collected and the correct speed but not much.  He did a terrific job today.  When we passed the trail head he wanted to go out, then got to his "spot" and when none of those was acceptable he had a tiny snit but again, just a tiny bit.  Same with the next go around but we kept going.  We saw loads of rabbits and a baby turtle swimming in a pot hole!! 

On the last round Biscuit went to his "spot" stopped and then quietly walked out.  He is such a good boy.  I hosed him off and he actually drank out of the hose and let me spray his face.  OMG he rolled his pink eyelid thing over part of his eye - I nearly had a cow.  I'd never seen him do that before.  He got plenty of treats today.  He and Rogue were trying to eat leaves off of a branch near the trailer and Rogue would give him the evil eye...LOL they are funny.

We headed back to the barn and when we unloaded Rogue he nailed Biscuit on the way out.  I had to laugh at him...he is a Rogue!!!  He is aptly named.  Poor guy...he stepped on himself backing out of the trailer at the park. 

Tomorrow we are meeting to apply elbow grease to Lee Ann P's new trailer!!  She got a gently used Featherlight 8' wide LQ - I think it has about a 14' short wall!  It has a dinette table, nice bed area, nice kitchen and bath area!  3 horse slant.  Wow!!!!  It is nice. 

Sarge and Barry

Nebby and Sakara in the pasture

Got a treat for The Biscuit?
I spoke with Julia and we are going to ride at some point tomorrow.  Barry and I went out to the barn this afternoon and she was out there.  I took some pictures of Biscuit and Sarge while I was out there.

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