Monday, June 18, 2012

Hogs and Alligators - Roaring Boats - It's a jungle out there

Julia snapped this with her phone...
Julia and I met at the barn at 8:00 AM for a ride Wednesday morning.  We hauled out to Tyrrell Park and I talked to Wayne when we got there.  He is a fellow that works out for the city out there.  He said Ricky Venable had to have heart surgery.  OMG  I am praying he is better and back soon.  I asked about him possibly tilling up the trails and he said Ricky would be the one doing that.  We  tacked up and Biscuit was nervous as a cat til we hit the trail.  He is always nervous when I park under the trees for some reason.  We rode to the left of the park and out onto the canal.  We wanted to get out there before it go too hot!  We were going down Willow Bayou and a bass boat came roaring down the waterway.  OMG we were motioning them to slow down but they just gunned the motor and kept going.  Shalom did a 360 degree turn but Julia kept her seat.  Biscuit was a little unsettled but not bad.  Off we went and we were halfway down the bayou when Julia said they were coming back.  I said turn her around and face them.  We turned the horse around and motioned for them to slow down but they waved and kept going.  Biscuit was ok until the waves started hitting the shore.  He started backing up until I popped him with a crop and then he went forward!! 

Julia and Shalom

Clouds are gathering
Julia and I hit a trot all the way to the bridge.  We started across the bridge and Biscuit was limping on all feet it seemed.  I got off and he had rocks in all his hooves so I cleaned them and walked him across.  I remounted and we went straight down and to the right of the bog.  We picked up a trot after a little ways and trotted all the way to Hildebrandt.  We let the horses eat some grass and rehydrate!

We went through the back trail to the main trail and a huge ass bug flew right into my eye....ok....that sucked.  We went down the bayou and saw an alligator but it wasn't as big as the one we saw last Sunday. 

We crossed over the little cement bridge and around the corner.  We went a ways and started jogging.  We jogged all the way to the land bridge and over that and to the gravel road.  We walked over the big bridge and I had to stop again and clean Biscuit's hooves.  We got to the other side and the big crane there running.  I asked the young fellow to hold off moving until I mounted and he said he would.  What a sweetie.  We hit a jog again and went down the bayou.  The temperature had dropped and a nice breeze was blowing.  We turned right at the woods and kept jogging all the way to the trail head.  Biscuit did a fantastic job of keeping his speed and keeping on rein.

We could see clouds were gathering up.  I washed Biscuit off and we loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  We could see ugly coming up West Port Arthur Road.  I took Biscuit down to his paddock as quick as possible.  We went back up to the barn and unloaded Shalom and the skies opened and poured down rain like crazy and it was blowing sideways.  We were on the washrack with Lee Ann P.  It rained hard for about 20 minutes and then started sun shining.  Hahahahaha only in Texas!

Julia and I cleaned the trailer out.  We had such a good time!!!  She will be back one day towards the end of the month.  Hoping to ride again with Julia and Shalom soon!!!

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