Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Gives New Meaning to Wood Stove

I saw this on Face Book!!!  How absolutely COOL is this?  Hahahahahaha  the PP Riders need to do this the next time we go for a trip!!!  This will make dutch oven cooking a little different.

The Lee Ann's and Allison are going to Brushy Creek this weekend and the RR Riders are going over to Liberty, TX to ride - I will be at home delivering a wedding cake.  Bummer!!!  I am glad for those who get to go but this is the month of "make hay while the sun is shining" so I will be working!!!

I had wanted to ride this week but it has rained or threatened rain everyday this week.  We had some heavy duty down pours several times.  It is sun shining this morning on Thursday.  I have been out to see Biscuit and Sarge but just stayed a short while to hug them up. 

I will go riding Saturday and Sunday if possible.   I maybe riding by myself by that is ok.  Looking forward to getting out there with my boy.

Last week I realized the saddle pad I had ordered from Down Under hadn't come in.  I called and the man thought it had been shipped with the girth!!!  He sent it out immediately and I got it this week so I maybe riding in that this weekend.  I like Aussie Saddles. 

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