Monday, June 18, 2012

Where is the saddle?

Kellie and I met at Tyrrell Park at 4:00 PM on Sunday to ride.  I'd asked Barry before I left if my tack was still in the trailer as he had rode Sarge at the beach yesterday.  He said it was.

Ok...I open the tack door and NO SADDLE.  OMG Kellie called Randy and he brought one.  I OWE him big time now.  We tacked up and were only able to make one ride around.  OMG just before we made the last turn Biscuit kind of stopped and moved over looking at something in the trail.  OMG it was human poop with toilet paper!  OMG what is wrong with people?  There are two public bathrooms in the about 75 yards from where we were.  Gag.

The rooster Henry is growing out his tail...two weeks ago it was pretty ratty.  It is looking better.  We enjoyed our ride even though it was short.  Looking forward to riding again!

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