Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lee Ann gets an LQ!!!

Lee Ann P bought a Featherlite LQ!!!!  Wow wee!!!  It is a 8' wide with I think a 14' shortwall.  It has a dinette seat, good sized fridge, microwave, sink, 2 burner stove and a closet in the front part, NICE sized bathroom with a closet, shower, super duper toilet and sink. 

Monday we all got together to SCRUB it.  Hahahahahahhaha  The Lee Ann's and I were scrubbing all surfaces - Allison and Julia joined in.  I took the bathroom and cleaned away.  I scrubbed some rust off the top of the burner cover too.  That cleaner was amazing - the rust came right off.

The trailer has been well maintained and well kept.  Lee Ann is taking it Wednesday to P and P Trailers to have it acid washed and have an electric jack installed.  It has a factory installed Onan generator and just about anything someone could want.

Hopefully we will be camping/riding in style soon.  Lee Ann B and I gave her a card that had three little girls with tutu's and cowboy boots on with some $$ inside so she could stock it with whatever she wanted. 

I will have to get pictures soon and post them.  I am pea green with envy but SOOOOO glad she got one!!!!

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