Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wildlife on the move in Tyrrell Park

I met Lee Ann at the barn at 8:00 AM and pulled up The Biscuit.  I fed him on the wash rack and we loaded up and took off.  Our Monday morning rides are on again!!!!  We got to the park and Biscuit stood to have his saddle put on.  He did spook up over God knows what and had that scared to death look on his face.  Bless his heart.  I rubbed his face and he got over it.  I gave him several treats and we mounted up and took off.  We went to the left of the woods.  We came upon a turtle laying eggs in the middle of the trail!  Poor chick...I don't think that was the right place to put them!!

We went out on the bayou and we started trotting.  A truck was out there spraying around the utility poles and we moved up closer to the road to go around them.  We trotted to the bridge and crossed over - Biscuit was tender footed as always.  We went straight to the right of the bog, stopped here and there to see if Rogue would drop and pee!!!  We started trotting and kept going all the way to the back.  It was wonderful to be trotting with my Biscuit Man.  Had a few little snits over not keeping on rein and speeding up but he did as he was instructed!  We went down the back and the gator nursery is full of water but we didn't see any gators. 

We hit the back of the bayou and good Lord - there was a Loc Ness Monster in the moat!!!  Lee Ann said when they are in that position of tail up they are breeding...good grief, we were looking out for a female on the land but didn't see one and we were up high at that point.  The gator turned in the water watching us...gaaaaaaa....we moved away quickly!!

We crossed the little cement bridge and went around the curve and headed back to the front.  Biscuit flinched at a noise in the brush to the right and then again when little pigs scattered.  I had a good grip on him and could see the sow's snout looking out from the brush.  The pigs ran parallel to us for a ways and I put Biscuit in a brisk trot all the way to the front of the bog.  We rounded the hairpin turn and up on the little land bridge was a big black hog!!!  Biscuit stopped in his tracks and the pig ran into the woods to our right.  Biscuit was not amused.  He doesn't mind when they are beside him but obviously in front of him is not his idea of a good time.  Rogue went around us and we were on the look out for more that maybe we couldn't see due to the brush!!  We crossed the bridge and hit a trot all the way back to the woods.  We walked from the woods to the trailer. 

Wow!!!  What a fun ride!!!  It was a blast.

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