Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All tacked up and no way to go

I went out to the barn today to ride Biscuit.  I had the tack in my car.  I brought him up to the wash rack and brushed him down.  He was dirty in places and he is shedding.  I tacked him up and gave him treats.  I was ready to take him into the arena and looked for the mounting block. was no where to be found.  I looked in the tack room for Lee Ann B's mounting block but it wasn't there.  Sigh....I looked around for something else to mount on - I thought about the bench by Sadda's old pen but decided against it.  It isn't worth it to possibly fall. 

I decided to just do Biscuit's hooves.  They needed to be done especially his back left hoof has a bad crack in it.  So I started working on his hooves.  The Lee Ann's came around the corner and Lee Ann P was bringing Lee Ann B's mounting block but I said I had already taken his tack off and was just going to do his feet.  We all visited on the back wash rack and Lee Ann B brought up Rogue.  I later finished Biscuit's feet.  Ugh...he wasn't being as cooperative  as I would have liked.  I finally got his feet done and I fed him back there as they had already fed down the road. 

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