Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Riding in a Snaffle

Monday I went and got a new plug for my trailer.  The plug cracked.  Went to the barn and pulled up Biscuit.  I used Barry's tack.  Yes, I sat better and further back in the Billy Cook.  Biscuit doesn't stop well with a snaffle!  OMG he would walk halfway across the arena.  We worked on stopped and leg yielding.  He leg yields wonderfully but doesn't side pass that well!

It was hard getting off of Biscuit - I hadn't taken up the stirrups and they were too long for my leg to clear the cantle.  I may have to look into getting a new saddle.  Mine is pitching me too forward and my balance isn't good anymore.  Hopefully I will get better but until I do I will have to ride in the Billy Cook saddle but OMG it is heavy compared to my saddle.

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