Sunday, March 17, 2013

Riding with the girls up at Ebenezer

 Last Monday I met The Lee Ann's and Alison up at the barn at 8:00 to go up to Ebenezer to ride.  I was a little rickety but ok.  We got up there around 11:00 AM and tacked up.  We went down the first trail that goes to the beaver pond.  Biscuit was moving so slow you would think he had a dump truck tied to his tail.  I crossed the first creek and the Lee Anns came across but Avery wasn't sure about it.  I tried to get Biscuit to cross the water again and kept backing up.  Ugh.  Avery is a pretty brave soul but he hadn't been out in 9 months and neither had Alison.  We went back across the creek and up the trail and down a different one til we came to water again.  We turned around as that trail can be steep.

We went back towards Ebenezer and crossed to the second trail and went to the Eagles Nest and around the back to the houses, back around and down to the water point and wooo hoooo was it like an ice box blast there!  We went back up the hill, down the side of it and skirted the other side of the water nearer the road.  That is a much easier ride than down in the ravines.

We got back to the trailer and I couldn't feel my left foot at all.  I couldn't tell if it was out of the stirrup.  Ugh.  Alison held Biscuit and Lee Ann P said yes it was out of the stirrup and I was able to dismount.   I took Biscuit's tack off.  I went to brush him and dang - I rolled my ankle AGAIN.  I stumbled forward and down on my right hand and I had to yell for Lee Ann P. to come help me get upright.  Lee Ann B. got me the mounting block to sit down on.  Dang, I freaking saw stars when I rolled it.  Later it was swelled up pretty dang big and was bruised on the underside.

Ugh.....We loaded up a little later and headed for The Stump to eat hamburgers and onion rings.  We got home and cleaned out the trailer.  With 4 people it doesn't take too long.  I had a great time even though Biscuit was moving slower than molasses in January!  It is always fun to go with The Lee Anns and Alison.  Hope to get to go again soon with them. 

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