Saturday, March 9, 2013

Vet Time for Sarge and Biscuit

I made an appointment to take the boys for their teeth to be floated, sheaths cleaned, shots and Coggins for Sarge.  I made an appointment yesterday and went to the barn to get them at 7:30.  I put their feed in their buckets and went down to get them.  They know it is breakfast time.  Biscuit did walk off a little ways but Jamie was coming with the feed wagon and I was able to walk up and put his halter on.  I flung his lead rope over his shoulder and got Sarge.  Jamie held Sarge while I put Biscuit in.  Biscuit was eager to get in as he knows his feed is in the trailer.  Sarge heard him eating and almost ran and leaped in the trailer.

We hauled out to Doc Schneiters.  He was working with a gelding and so I had to wait which is ok.  When it was our turn I got both boys out and we put Biscuit in the stock and I tied Sarge up.  A new young vet and vet tech were going to work with Biscuit.  He tranquilized Biscuit and tried to get the speculum in his mouth.  He kept trying and kept trying to tighten the strap on his head.  Biscuit wasn't being cooperative but the poor young vet wasn't very quick or adept at putting this on.  Doc finally rescued Biscuit and put it on quickly.  So we started....I kept close by and told them he had been roughly treated and Biscuit was being a pill...fighting them all the way.  I held his head for part of it and he calmed a little bit but they finally tranquilized him again.  Poor baby.  Doc kept a close watch and stepped in to do some of it and checked the work. 

Finally it was over and I took him out....he was pretty dang drunk.  We took him over to the end of the barn and tied him up and put Sarge in the stock.  They started on Biscuit's sheath so I was watching them and talking to Casey and Terri Looney and looking at her new 2 year old filly.

I went to check on Sarge and OMG they had him in a twitch and he was fighting them.  Doc to the rescue and he took the twitch off and did part of Sarge's teeth and talked to young vet about techniques.  Doc was very diplomatic about it.  He seems to be a good teacher. 

They washed Sarge's sheath and he had more crud than Biscuit but no huge beans like last year.  It was finally over and I went and paid - wow wee $385 for shots, floating, sheaths and a Coggins.  I put Biscuit in first.  He was moving very slowly and stopped in the middle of the barn.  We finally made it to the trailer and he got in just fine.  I went and got Sarge - his back hooves were scraping on the cement as I led him to the trailer.  He got in with no problem and we hauled home SLOWLY so I didn't upset my boys. 

We got to the barn and Lee Ann asked Biscuit if he had got a lampshade at that party!  He was still pretty drunk.  I put them in the arena so they could rest while the drugs wore off.

They are now vetted up for the next 6 months on some things and a year on others!

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