Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend at Ebenezer

I got up Friday morning to go to Ebenezer.  Barry will join me on Saturday.  He got the camping stuff out of the barn and loaded in my Rav.  I hooked up the trailer, gassed up and headed for the barn.  I got out of the Rav and took the tail gate down, went to open the groom's door and wow...found my phone I had lost a week and a day ago.  It still works!  Hated that phone so not sorry I got another one!  I walked out in the pasture using my cane.  Sarge was looking at me a little funny so I laid it down.  He was ok then and I put his halter on him.  I walked to the other side of the pasture with Sarge and Biscuit would have none of it.  He kept running from me anytime I got close to him.  I finally walked Sarge to the trailer and loaded him up.

I walked all the way out there again and it still took forever to catch him.  Almost had the rope around his neck and he took off.  He was scared of the cane.  I had laid it down but he was kind of like "you look like my girl, walk like my girl...well kinda like she does but she doesn't have a big stick!"  I pulled some grass and fed him some grass and he reluctantly let me catch him.  I picked up my cane and let him look at it and smell it and I touched him with it.  Poor fellow...he is always scared someone is going to get him.

I pulled up to the barn and loaded tack and feed.  Jamie got me a bale of hay in my hay bag and put it in the trailer for me.  Such a sweet guy.  I put Biscuit's hay bag on top of the bale bag so they could eat hay on the drive.  Bad move...they were jumping around in the trailer all the way to Jasper.

When I got to Ebenezer Kellie and Randy helped me with the horses and they took the center bar out of the trailer and the mats, hauled water for my horses and gave them hay.  What would I do without such wonderful cousins?  I washed out the trailer and moved it back off the pad so it would drain.

Kellie and I wanted to ride so we tacked up and surprises of all surprises...Randy and Kent went with us.  We rode down the road to the little trail that goes through a gate, down the right side of the trail on a little off shoot I had never been on and met up with the trail to the Eagles Nest Hill.  We went left to the 4 corners and back to the front.  Kellie and I went down the Beavers Pond trail just to the first water crossing.  We rode almost 3 miles.

Friday Short Ride at Ebeneizer

 When we got back I fed both horses.  Bev and James joined us at my table and while we were all visiting I put up my mattress and got my bed set up.  We later went to Kent's table and ate dinner.  Kent made his famous beans and rice.  OMG they were FABULOUS.  Kellie shared some brownies she had made.  They were delicious!  We sat around the fire which was a pretty dang perfect fire and visited.

I went later and took a shower and headed for bed.  I was a little cold from the air in the mattress but slept pretty dang good.  When I woke up Barry had just arrived.  Dusty and Stacy arrived to ride with us and so did Robin and Eli.  My goodness he has grown!!

We rode to the waterfall and Biscuit was a total goober...he kept wanting to go faster and Monday I couldn't PUSH him down a trail.  Go figure!!  I kept having to pull him up and wow, he actually bucked up kicked at Jericho - the horse Kent bought from Melody.  He was being a total toot.  He was like that the entire ride.  We got to some steep places looking for the trail near the waterfall.  We had to cross a little stream and of course he jumps it with two galloping leaps - kept my balance on those!  The entire ride I was having to slow him down, make him stay on his rein, etc.  When we got to the waterfall I was near Stacy's black mare and it real showcased how much pollen was flying in the air against her black hair!  It looked like the woods were smoldering there was so much pollen flying around.  The horses had it in their noses!  I got to put Biscuit in a good jog on the way back and made him jog collected up.  He was acting like he had when I first got him...not wanting to stay on rein, not wanting to keep the same speed, throwing his head around.  Wow I was sore in my shoulders and arms when we got back to the camp. 

Biscuit was a horse's patootie ride

When we got back we went and ate at the Stump.  Took over an hour to get our food - waitress must have forgot our order.  They remade mine because it was cold and the onion rings were burned.    We went back to the camp and I later laid down for a nap because I was tired.  Barry, Kellie and I went up to Tammy Ellis' place to see Dashing Big Red.  He looks good but is low man on the old totem pole there too.  He has a sore on his right side near the girth line that looks like a summer sore.  Tammy arrived from an ACTHA ride a little later along with Sharon, Robin's mom.  So good to see her and she had won first place!!!  Anywhoo... Tammy said they thought it was a tick or perhaps a wasp had stung him.  It was good to see him.

I ate a bowl of really good cereal for dinner - I will get some more of that stuff!!!  We all went to Kent's to sit around the fire and cut up.  We had a great time.

I slept til 8:30 Sunday morning - well, not really sleeping but resting.  Got up and tacked up Biscuit and we went on a 4 mile ride this morning.  Biscuit was such a good boy today - not like yesterday thank God.  I enjoyed my ride.  It was just Bev, James, Randy, Kellie, Barry and me.

Sunday Morning Stroll

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