Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tyrrell Park - Woods are Drying Up!!!

I met Kellie at Tyrrell Park Sunday to ride.  I got there a little early to groom Biscuit.  He is shedding out nicely and hair is flying everywhere.  I put his hoof boots on him so that when we went through Cattail Marsh he wasn't gimping up and fussing over the rocks.

I had a little trouble mounting up - my leg didn't want to clear the cantle :-(    Once we were on we started off.  We went around to the road and decided to try the trail.  Some mud/water but then cleared away to dry trails.  We kept going around and encountered mud/water in low places and kept going til we got to a bend that just was water everywhere.  We knew we would run into the drilling crew anyway so we turned and went back to the little trail that comes out near Cattail Marsh.  We went into Cattail and birdwatchers had some huge camera equipment.  We went down to the bridge and turned around.  We did a little bit of trotting but I kept losing my balance.  I can jog without pitching forward but Elan doesn't like to jog!!!  He is such a cutie.

We went down Willow Bayou towards the woods.  We saw the same old alligator we always see - first time this year though - sunning himself on the bank.  We went into the woods and to the left.  Muddy and water there but soon gave away to dry trails.  We crossed the wood mats laid down by the drilling crews and kept going.  Up at the stable area is still under water.  Biscuit stopped and STARED a piece of log that to him must have looked like an alligator.  We walked through the mud and water and came out to the trailers. 

We washed the boys' legs off as they were full of mud.  I passed out handfuls of treats to the horses and then Kellie and I stopped and had lunch.  It was a very nice ride and can't wait to ride again.  

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