Sunday, March 3, 2013

Riding at The Preserve

 Kellie and I made plans to ride at The Preserve in Cleveland on Saturday.  This place is on the Trinity River and was selling small sites that are designed for RV/Equestrian folks.  The sites were premium with small stable, storage building, fire pits and paved driveways.  But are also really expensive.  Kellie rode there last year with an introductory ride and she has continued to ask for just day passes.  At first they were reluctant to do so but have made some changes.  We were participating in a guided trail ride to introduce the new yearly pass.  They have cabins to rent, bathrooms, RV hookups, pool, pavilion, etc.

I went out and got Biscuit pulled up and fed him early Saturday morning.  While he ate I brushed him.  He was shedding like crazy.  I put his hoof boots on him at the barn.  Kellie was picking me up due to her yard being too wet for me to pull in my trailer.  I got all my gear and was ready to go when Kellie arrived.  I walked Biscuit around and Kellie put him in the trailer and we were off and running to The Preserve.

We got there and found our place to park.  Kellie was going to lead Biscuit out not back him out.  Poor guy- that scared him for some reason and his legs were shaking.  He is such a character.  He got out of the trailer and seemed so glad that he was on solid ground!  I brushed Biscuit again and hair was going everywhere.  I hung up his hay bag and he was munching on that.  We saddled up and mounted up.

We rode over to the pavilion area and had to wait for the other riders who were still pulling up. Biscuit and Elan were happy munching on clover.  We later went and joined Rey at the trail head...still waiting on  a few stragglers.  We finally were off and rode immediately down across the sands of the beach to the Trinity River.  Very deep sand so I was walking Biscuit.    We finally left the beach and headed up to a trail.  Up a little incline and we had to wait there for people to catch up.  Went down a trail and then WAITED AND WAITED.  Kellie and I went up a trail a little ways and back and forth.  Finally Rey came from the opposite of where he was before.  He was checking to make sure the trail was passable.

We went down a road and then off onto a literally non existent trail and wound around trees and over downed trees.  Lots of nasty thorns on mock orange bushes.  Ugh.  Biscuit didn't want to do down into a hairpin turn.  It was down into a ditch and then hairpin back onto the trail.  He was a little pill about it and was backing up!  I made him go through though.

We were going up a mushy soft trail - Rey, Kellie, me...and the rest behind us.  This guy came loping up and passed us.  Horses were ok with that but that is bad trail manners.  We passed sloughs and little ponds.  Saw quiet a few deer leaping and running across the roads.  We went across a huge meadow.  Going up a road Kellie and I in the front doing quiet a bit of trotting.  We were at the end of the ride with trailers in site about 200 yards away when I hear galloping.  Biscuit's butt feels like it is bunched up under him and he throws his head around and kinda jumps up like he does when he wants to take off.  I reined him in right when that guy that cantered past us earlier is galloping by.  I hollered at him "What is wrong with you?" as the horse behind me goes bananas.  Kellie said the horse was right up behind Biscuit and that might be what caused his butt to feel like it was all bunched up.

The lady on the horse behind me came off of her horse with a whomp! on the ground.  Poor thing!  Her horse gallops off after the guy who is galloping up the road.  Duh!  Kellie gets off and hands me her reins as CupCake Cowboy (complete with bedroll, canteen - not a water bottle - scabbard and chaps)  is now trying to gallop around chasing the mare like he is going to rope her.  Biscuit and Elan are all over each other because they realize this is not a normal occurrence.   Elan's head was in my lap for a while (such a brave boy!!) and then they are intertwining their necks to reassure each other they are ok.  :-) Elan looks at me and half of his face is covered in blonde hair!  Kellie is helping the lady on the ground who is moaning poor thing.

CupCake Cowboy is now galloping straight for us chasing the mare.  Yoo Haaaaa...I had a good grip on Biscuit's reins and Elan's.  People are hollering at him to stop chasing her.  Mare comes to a stop about 10 feet from me and the boys.  CupCake Cowboy gets off and goes over to the lady.  I see Kellie stand up and help the lady up and then went to talking to Rey.  Rey said something about riding safely and those who don't won't be asked back.

Kellie mounted up and said that guy was the lady's son and that she had come off her horse last week.  OMG  I would have knocked him out.  Dang...I didn't have my Contour Camera on either.  I missed the deer and this mad horse scramble.  There were a few dogs on the trail ride and a few times Biscuit gave one of them the "look" and kinda charged it.  He doesn't like dogs running in and out around him.  He is just fine with dogs that follow along but running in and out is not something he likes.

We watered our horses and walked down to the end of the road to see if the last trailer pad could hold Kellie's big trailer.  We went back to our site and I went to dismount and couldn't raise my leg up over the cantle and Biscuit also moved.  Dang.  I asked Kellie to hold him for me and the second time I was able to dismount.  I led Biscuit to his hay bag and he started digging for the alfalfa.  I walked around Elan and lost my balance and thank goodness Elan's tail was handy!

We visited with our neighbor - an older gentleman with a huge Tennessee Walker and the man had on some snazzy yellow boots.  We ate our lunch - Elan got all of my crackers when I dropped them on the ground.

Kellie and I visited with Rey later.  We are considering buying a yearly pass that $400 for 4 people 4 horses. It is a very nice place to ride but not hills.  Just flat.  We had a nice day.  Looking forward to going back again.


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