Monday, July 1, 2013

Biscuit and Denise Bonding

Working on bonding with my horse.  I think "Invasions of the Horse Snatchers" got Biscuit and returned him as Goose.  I want Biscuit back. He comes in and lets me halter him every time (except for last Wednesday) so he is doing a good job.  Little jumpy but better.  Here are two pics Barry took of me and Biscuit  -  bonding over treats.

I go to Dr. Murphy tomorrow.  I am so hoping he tells me I can ride my horse.  I miss going on my trail rides with Kellie and The Lee Ann's.  Alison too.  Hoping that we can make a ride this weekend. 

I called Steele saddles about fitting Biscuit with a Steele saddle and they said since they MAKE each tree to fit each horse individually that they should be able to fit The Biscuit.  If so, I want a new saddle so I don't pitchi forward.  My walking is still unstable!

If you are reading this, please say a prayer for me that I will be released to ride and that Biscuit and I have many more safe miles together!

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