Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ebenezer Trip

Barry hauled the travel trailer up on Friday - I had a Quincenera cake to make and deliver.  After I got the cake delivered I headed to the barn and picked up Biscuit.  It was 2:30 PM  I didn't get to the park until 4:30.  Got to see Kent before he left.

I didn't haul Sarge due to his hoof issue.   When I went to clean his hooves the week before when the farrier was coming I noticed his hoove was cracked horizontally and across his  frog.  UGH.  Mike  said new soul was already growning under it.  I started treating it by soaking his hooves and putting betadine soaked cotton in the crack.  It is doing better.

I didn't ride that evening but I did the next day with the ladies next to us - Lee Ann that I had met up at Ebenezer 3 years ago and her friend Barbara.  We had to adjust her mare's halter bridle before mounting up.  Barry hauled out before I left to ride!

We went down to the 3rd trail in, down to the 4 way and took a left.  Got to the split, took a left.  Got to another split, took the left.  Ended up on the POTTIE trail and we rode to where the culvert is washed out.  DANG.  I should have went left then right.  :-)

Rode about 6 miles.  Gave Biscuit a good bath and loaded up and hauled home.  Short weekend for me.

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