Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Riding up at Ebenezer

Sara M.  had said she wanted to trail ride with me up at Ebenezer so we planned to go Saturday.  She offered to pick us up at PNR so I got everything ready and Biscuit in the Stallion Pen Friday evening.
I got up early, ran to Starbucks, got us a latte and me a bagel.  Got out to the barn and fed Biscuit and hosed him off.  Sara arrived and we put my stuff in the trailer and loaded Biscuit.  He refused until I got the lunge whip and up he went.  We shut up the trailer and off we went to Ebenezer.

Biscuit on the left, Lena on the right.

We got there and decided to stay in a campsite so I had to order/pay on line so that took a little bit while the horses chilled and had a drink in the pens.

We got it done and said hi to Stephanie and Aaron Scott that I had met previously up there.  Good to see them again!!!

We saddled up and off we went.  I decided to go down to the 3rd trail and down to the 4 Way.  I was walking Biscuit and he was going slower than molasses in January.  I kicked him with both heels and he kinda spooked up.  I think he was half asleep because he kept stumbling along.  LOL after that he was awake and moving at a nice pace.

We got to the 4 way and I made a way point.  I turned left and we went down the double wide path.  Sara was doing great with Lena.  She said it was more her than Lena and she had been a little apprehensive at Tyrrell.  Lena had been a little nervous there - high headed at times and whinnying.  She wasn't unmanageable at any time though.  But on this day, Lena was just darling.

She followed Biscuit like a champ.

I got to the first branch off and went left and made a mark of Left Turn.  Followed till the next split and went right.  Woot  Marked as Turn Right.  Got to the two little water crossing and Biscuit refused and backed up.  A few swats with my crop and off he went.  The other side had dried up so no water there.  We came out right where I wanted to come out by that log - I made a mark and called it Culvert Road.  Went across and came to Letney Road and marked that.  We kept going and marked the turn to go to Beaver Pond.  Got to the intersection and we went down to the Black Hole instead of going straight to the Beaver Pond.  It wasn't as high as last time and was pretty dang low.  About mid way up Biscuit's leg between his knee and the stirrups.  Lena followed right behind him quiet nicely!

We went down the road and stopped at the turn for me to mark.  We headed for the big tree and #10 and I marked that too.  We went down the track blessedly in the SHADE.  The first two creeks were freaking dry!!!  OMG I have never seen them dry.  When we got to the big sandy creek, thank Goodness it had water but a huge pine tree from the other side had fallen across the creek to where we used to go down to the creek.  Had to go to the left of it and there was a slight boggy place but not bad.  I got covered in pine needles but got across to the other side.  We stopped and rested.
Sara dismounted and tried to get Lena to drink.  I ate my yogurt and put it back in the neoprene bags Kellie had given me.  I had stuffed one of my frozen gel packs in each side! 

We headed back and stopped by the big tree.  Lena actually was good with Biscuit but did tell him with some mean mugging that he was in her space.  Not ugly - just you're in my space dude, kinda way.  Lena did finally drink at the Black Hole.  Biscuit got some of the good vitamin B foliage at the edge!  He drank and off we went through the hole with no problem.  Lena just kept going and was doing such a great job.  Sara was thrilled with her.  Lena led for quit a bit of the way, crossed creeks first and was just a doll.

I told Sara I was so impressed with how they both are calm, gentle, non-spooky.  I highly recommend Skipper D as a sire - he sure threw great genes on these two horses!

It was getting a little hot by then...Biscuit didn't start sweating until we had been riding for 30 minutes or so.  It was warm but not crazy hot at first.  We got back to the park after a terrific 3 hour ride.  Stephanie came over and held Biscuit while we took their tack off.  I hosed Biscuit off and was rubbing his face.  He loves his face to be rubbed.  He was licking my jeans for some reason - what a funny boy he is.

I put him in the pen and we rested for awhile and visited with Stephanie for a few minutes.  We rested for almost 2 hours and then picked up our stuff and loaded up the horses.  Biscuit loaded nicely when I got the whip.  Don't know what this loading issue suddenly is but it has got to go.

I love Sara's truck and trailer!!!  I so would by a Dodge Ram.  The back seat folds up and a flat area folds out...perfect for my cakes or even sleeping!!!

We stopped at the little store by The Stump and we each got a hamburger to eat and I also got a Starbucks Frappachino that was cold!!!

At the barn I unloaded Biscuit and my stuff and put it in my car to take down to the trailer.  We are going to have to do this again!  So I hugged Sara and off they went.  We just had a fabulous time...can't wait to go again.

I fed Biscuit and put him in the Stallion Pen again.  I took the stuff down to put in the trailer and woot!  My trailer and Sargent were gone!!! I called Barry and he said he was hauling down West Port Arthur Road.  He had been to Tyrrell.  He had Sister with him.  I could see Biscuit when he pulled past the stallion pen.  He went bananas running all over the place.

Sarge and Barry rode across the big bridge but not down the bog.  Barry was worried about hogs with Sister.  Sarge stepped on her again - Sister is going to have to learn to get out of their way.  She hopped out of the truck and came running to me.  Such a sweetheart!!!   I got the stuff put back in the trailer for my ride the next morning.

Kellie and I were supposed to ride Sunday morning.  I got up Sunday at 6:15 and got dressed and ready to go when Kellie texted she didn't feel well.  So no riding.  I am sure Biscuit wasn't hurt!!!  Later we went to put him back in his pasture and he was trotting beside the truck and ready to get back with Sarge.  Such a pretty boy he is. 

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