Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sister is 4 months old today

Sister is 4 months old today.  I had to take her to the vet at 2:00 PM so at 1:15 I gave her a bath with lavender body wash!  She was pretty good about getting a bath.  Kayden went to the vet with me.  I put her harness on and it is getting tight.  I will have to get a larger one.

We got to the vet early and waited.  A bulldog came in and Sister  was pretty friendly.  When it was time to go in she was super friendly with the staff.  The vet scraped her head for the mites and went to check it out.  The intern vet weighed her for me.  She weighed 22 and 2/3 lbs!  She gained nearly 7 lbs this month.  They gave her shots - rabies and puppy ended up on the table so he had to administer it again.

No more mites!!!!!  Good report - she will take the liquid meds Ivermec for another month.  I will take her back in a month and put her on heart worm meds and she will be spayed next month.

After we left we took her to Petco to get a new harness and a squeak chicken!  She was squeakng it like crazy!!

Can't wait to take her riding with me.

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