Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Louisiana Trip to Lotus HIll

On Friday July 11 I went back to Lotus Hill with LeeAnn P and LeeAnn B.  We left around 11:30 AM.  I had put Biscuit in the stallion pen so I wouldn't have problems catching him.  We loaded up the trailer with tack, supplies for us and the horses.  Biscuit went into the trailer first and then Rogue and then Legato.  We were off and gone.

LeeAnn B had brought fried chicken for lunch!  Woot!  I rarely eat fried chicken and I love that stuff!!  We got to Lotus Hill and unloaded the horses and greeted Billie.  It was so good to see her!  We got everything set up and rested a little and later saddled up and made about a 6 mile ride that I had made before with Barry.  Biscuit was a little fresh - I hadn't rode him in 3 weeks but as always pretty easy to handle!

We ate with Billie and Lloyd later.  Lee Ann P had made roast and we really enjoyed it.  We visited and then turned in.  I was pretty tired from making cakes!

Saturday started off with a bang.  One of Billie's horses kicked at Rogue and got hung up in the pipe fence.  Both legs off the ground.  He started leaning over but was calm.   He started urinating on himself and I was scared he was a gonner.  He was finally freed and just a little bit skinned up. Billie rode him and he seemed fine.

We rode for 11 miles and was joined by a guy from the Shreveport area.  We had a wonderful time.   Legato has been a little reluctant to cross steep boggy places and we came to one and it took a bit for her to cross but she finally did.  Horses can be so persnickety at times!   After our ride we went to a river to get in the whirlpool and rapids.  OMG we were laughing like crazy and we went down the rapids and got beat up on the rocks.  So much fun! 

I made chicken jambalaya and we ate up at Billie and Lloyd's again.  We didn't make a second ride that day which was ok.  I was pretty tired after getting beat up on the rocks!

Sunday we all took off on a ride including Lloyd.  We rode on the Sandstone trail which is so nice.  Crossing creeks and bridges.  Biscuit was a sweetie.  We got to the last bridge and there was a huge puddle on the other side.  Lloyd crossed with no problems but Billie's mare slipped on the slanted board and her horse went down.  OMG it was scary.  Legato went and she slipped too; her butt going down in a deep hole but she managed to get out with no problems.  She had mud half way up her backside but she was ok.  Billie and her mare were ok, too, thank God!

Biscuit was pretty hot that day - poor guy!  We were just walking but it was hot.  We took pictures up on the rocky ledge and they came out pretty nice. 

We loaded up and hauled home Sunday afternoon.  I had a fantastic time and hope to go back soon.

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