Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Working on Biscuit's hooves

I have had some unexpected expenses so I am going to have to start doing the horses hooves myself.  I went out and got Biscuit today - ugh - raining at the barn.  I brought him up and put Cowboy Magic in his mane - he had witch's knot's in his mane.  I let it sit while I was talking to Lee Ann.

I soaked his front left hoof in Lysol.  He has mud scratches from all of the wet conditions.  I cleaned his feet andthen started rasping his front hooves.  They have grown like crazy.  Mike did them 4 weeks ago and then I did them 3 weeks ago.  He gave me a little flack but not too bad.

I was able to get the witch's knot's out with just a little bit of trouble.  I then washed his mane and tail with Orvis, then soaked them on blueing and rewashed it.

His tail is stained on the ends.  I need to soak it more and hope to get it whiter.  He has a white mane and tail for the most part but poop and dirt take their toll.

I will do his back hooves tomorrow.

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