Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Riding with Biscuit's sister, Lena

I am Face Book friends with a lady that owns Biscuit's half sister, Lena.  I have rode with Lena before when she was being trained by DeAnn.  We rode out at Tyrrell Park about a year and a half ago.

Her owner, Sara, told me she would love to ride at Tyrrell with me so we arranged to ride today at 5:00 PM.  I got out to the barn at 4:00 and I fed Biscuit and Sarge myself.  I loaded Biscuit with no problem but I took the lounge whip anyway!

I got there a little early and got Biscuit's hoof boot's on.  Sara arrived and I really liked her trailer.  She pulled Lena out of the trailer and she is every bit as large as Biscuit - I think her bum may actually be bigger than his!

We got tacked up and took off.  We went around the park and out Cattail Marsh.  Sara got off and opened the gate.  We went down the side of the marsh and she said Lena doesn't like to be close to other horses.  We went down Willow Bayou - we saw a huge gar floating near the top of the water.  Lots of little rust faced birds flying all over the place.

We went around to the right after crossing the big bridge to look at the big bog.  Lena was a little snorty coming around the corner but she calmed down.  Sara got off of her to walk her near the water shooting out of the big pipe.

We got back to the stables and Lena stood right next to Biscuit and was munching some alfalfa.  Sara said that was so unlike her to be that close to other horses.  I took pictures of them but they didn't come out BOOOOOOOO......I washed him off so he would be clean and cool on the way home.

Biscuit didn't load up first time so I got out the lounge whip...didn't even have to tap tap tap - he went in immediately.   :-)  Good Biscuit!!!  We rode 5.3 miles.

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