Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday Ride

I made plans to ride with Jazzy and Barry for Sunday afternoon. We took Sister!  She ran under Biscuit in the small corral and he stepped on her.  Poor girl but she will learn.   We got out to the park at 5:00 PM.  Jazzy was held up so Barry and I saddled up and headed for the woods hoping they would be somewhat dried up...no such luck.  OMG they are still full of water and mud.

So, we just waited for her to get there and Sister got to explore.  Jazzy finally arrived and since her horse was saddled we were on our way.  We rode around the road with Barry in the lead with Sister.  He had to herd her off of the street once but other than that she followed closely with Sarge.  She came back to me a few times then hurried to catch up with Barry.

We crossed into Cattail Marsh and started down the side of the woods.  Sister dropped back to me a few times and then ran to catch up with Sarge.  We went all the way down to the bridge but didn't cross it as Barry said the hogs could come out in the evening and we didn't want to chance Sister going after them. 

We went back up the bayou and Barry headed back down to the gate while Jazzy and I headed up the bayou to the entrance to the woods.  We turned around and came back and we entered the woods at the first trail entrance and went a little ways til it turned muddy.  We went back and rode towards the pavilions.  I made Biscuit pass between the trash can and the pavilion which was only wide enough for him.  He did it after a little urging.  Jazzy rode her mare onto the pavilion for training.

We got back and I washed Biscuit off.  It was getting late but Jazzy was trying to get her mare to load in the Brenderup with no luck.  I told her I would go over to her house and we could work on that.  I went to load up Biscuit and he refused to load.  I tried and tried with no luck.

Barry loaded Sarge thinking he would load up but he still refused.  I tried again - no luck.  I told Barry to move the trailer to where there was more light.  He still refused.  I popped him with the lead rope...nope.  Tried alfalfa.  Nope.  Tried to load him in Jazzy's step up - NOPE.

I was going to have to leave him there...so I called Kenny to ask which place would be safest.  I was so upset at the thought of something happening to my boy.  Kenny offered to come help and I said "bring a buggy whip".  Kenny got there and shined his lights into the trailer.  I took the buggy whip and tap tap tapped his butt until he went into the trailer like he normally does. 

Ugh..what goes through a horses mind?  Was it because Jazzy's horse wouldn't load?  Was it because it was dark?

We didn't get to the barn until just before 10:00 PM!  OMG it took an hour and half to load him.

Who know?  He has never given me that kind of trouble before.  I went to the barn Monday evening and he came up to me for his carrots and for me to put the benadine cotton in his hooves like nothing had happened.  :-)

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