Thursday, December 22, 2011

Biothane Tack for Christmas

I asked Barry for Taylored Biothane Tack for Christmas and he said I could order it for my present.  I called Amanda at Taylored Tack and discussed with her which bridle would be best.  For looks, I liked the Comanche but the Pawnee's bit would remove faster and easier and since Biscuit often has head/mouth issues I chose the Pawnee.  I ordered the closed rein and popper.  All with the Purple Maise overlay over Purple Biothane.

It came in Monday and I thought it was actually cake items I ordered from Jennifer.  I set the box aside and opened it a little later and I just squealed!  It was my tack!!!  I loved it.  I went out to the barn Tuesday and was going to try it on Biscuit but it had rained cats and dogs and their pasture had a lake in front of the gate with Sarge planted firmly in front so Biscuit wouldn't come up close.  I wasn't getting my boots wet and anyway, Biscuit was covered in mud.  Lee Ann P had received hers in so we were up on the wash rack trying Legato's hon her.  She looked fantastic in it.  Lee Ann adjusted some of the straps and fiddled with the bit strap and the cavasson.  I gave Legato some treats for being such a good girl while we played dress up. 

I went out there yesterday and pulled up Biscuit.  He wasn't as dirty as he was yesterday!  I pulled him up on the wash rack and brushed him off.  I put the halter bridle on him and it looked gorgeous.  I am not a fan of bridle with halter but I bought this for function not looks.  I may later buy just a bridle but I am thinking I have way too much tack!!!!  I took some pictures with my phone of Biscuit in his tack.

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