Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Working on Sarge's feet

I went out to the barn today and Lee Ann P and Allison were on the wash rack with some of the horses.  They had already put drops in Biscuit's eyes...what a great group of people that I hang around with!!!  They said that Sarge was all up in their Kool Aid wanting to be petted and loved on.

Crimson Dancer was on the wash rack and her feet look so different than this past February...this is what barefoot trimming can accomplish....
Crimson Dancer's left front hoof in February 2011
Crimson Dancer's feet December 14, 2011
 Wow.  What a difference.  Crimson has for months actually, been able to gallop around her pasture and was able to stand on the wash rack in total comfort.  In February she was standing on a cushion.  Lee Ann P has worked with her all year long to bring her back to normal looking hooves and comfort for the horse.  She has made a believer out of all of us at the barn. 

I went down to see Biscuit and Sarge.  Biscuit is looking just fine.  His chest has a slight puffiness but that is all.  His eye looks totally normal.

Sarge followed me up to the front and I put his halter on and led him up to the wash rack.  I got my trimming tools out and started on his feet.  He has such good feet...he walked over the rocks coming up the road with total ease. 

Some of his soles were flaking out and his bars were prominent.  I cleaned up the frogs and trimmed and rasped his hooves with a mustang roll.  He was a bit of a pill about it.  He isn't mean - just thinks he is in charge.  I was some kind of tired when I got through with his feet.  He would sometimes just refuse to pick up that foot.  LOL I won though - and he had his feet done and was hugged up a zillion times...with some alfalfa thrown in. 
Before I started front left hoof

Cleaned out flaking sole and trimmed bars and frog

Front hooves after trim

Front hooves

Back Hooves after trim
I brushed Sarge's tail out.  It was full of hard, stiff grass.  I cleared out his mane and tail with Show Sheen and sprayed his body with SS and brushed his coat.  He looked so pretty!!!  He is such a gorgeous boy!

I walked him down to the pasture later.  After that I put up the sleeping bags and bed linens I brought into the trailer.  We are getting so excited about going!

Lee Ann P was riding Mi Tigh in the arena and Julia was working with Shalom.  I left and came back later with Barry and we gave the horses some alfalfa. 

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