Saturday, December 10, 2011

Riding at the beach

Kellie and I made plans to go to the beach today.  I loaded up and hauled to her house.  I took Biscuit out and loaded him in Kellie's trailer and Randy and Chase helped me with the tack.   That was so sweet!!! 

I gave Kellie her birthday present - a shirt like I got from LL Bean.  Now we won't freeze this winter!  We hauled down to the beach and met Bryan, the EMT down there.  He had his little girl and she sat on Biscuit.  How cute is that? 

Two ladies from Friendswood joined us and we took off.  Biscuit was moving out until we actually hit the beach.  I literally had to push him down 4 miles of beach.  He kept trying to turn around oh so subtly and go back!  I had to laugh at him but still kept pushing him down the beach.  We went about 2 miles and there was a loud explosion BOOM!  The horses kind of startled but none of them freaked out really.  Biscuit  startled some but handled it really well.  Kellie and the ladies from Friendswood thought it was a gunshot.  I am never around guns but thought it sounded like those big fireworks canons! 

We could see people over at a house that was being built and we went over there and Kellie called out to the teenager.  He came over and Kellie asked him is he'd shot off a gun.  He said no it was fireworks and he apologized.  He said he rode horses and wouldn't have shot it off had he seen us.  We kept on going and I was still having to PUSH Biscuit.  I am not used to Biscuit being lazy or not wanting to move forward. 

We went down the beach for a little more than 4 miles.  The new houses being built are amazing and the beach looks so nice.  It is CLEAN which is amazing.  We turned around and wow wee...suddenly my lazy boy was turned into a boy that NEEDED to get back to the trailer and the green grass there FAST! 

We trotted at about 7-8 mph for quiet a ways.  Kellie was cantering Elan but Biscuit wasn't going into a canter.  At one point it said 14.5 mph on my Garmin but it didn't show up that fast on the graph...I find that weird.  Anywhoo...we trotted trotted trotted.  I lost heart monitor contact and kept trying to get it to come on while we were riding.  I looked down and my sensor was dangling down by Biscuit's legs.  GAAAAA  I don't know how it came out of the sheath thingie.  I stopped and put it back together but it never registered again.  We cut back up the street to go to the trailer and Elan was spooking at things on the ground - there is still random junk here and there.  We got back to the trailer and I took Biscuits tack off and gave him hay. 

Kellie and I ate our lunches and visited with Bryan, his father and his little girl.  She sat on both Biscuit and Elan...nothing like a little girl that is crazy about horses. 

We went to load up and Elan wouldn't get in the trailer.  I put Biscuit in first and then Elan loaded up.  We hauled back to Kellie's.  Randy had aired up my tires - thanks Randy - you are a great substitute brother!!!  I asked Biscuit to load up and he didn't want to load.  I went and got my buggy whip and he saw it and went in and then started backing up.  I was popping him on the but with the flat of the buggy whip.  He was still coming out and then he kicked!  OMG I popped his butt and Randy said it might not be a good idea to pop him in the trailer.  I said I may not be a strong rider but I am strong with manners on the ground and he is not going to back out or kick. 

I lead him back and said GET IN THE TRAILER.  Biscuit got in the trailer and ALL THE WAY to the breast bar which he usually doesn't do.  I put the butt bar up and off we went.

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