Friday, December 2, 2011

Jennifer Rides The Biscuit

My friend Jennifer flew in from Michigan to help me with Devin's wedding cakes.  Her hubby and son will be joining us Friday.  I picked Jen up at the IAH Wednesday evening. 

Jen had expressed interest in riding Biscuit.  So, today, after getting cakes baked we went out to the barn.  I brought Biscuit up and brushed him off and feed him several treats.  He was being such a good boy!!!  I saddled him up and got the mounting block for Jen.  She swung into the saddle and I walked her around.  Biscuit was such a good boy.  I walked him down the ranch road and back. 

I let him just follow me at one point and then Jen took him walking around.  We got into the mare paddock and she walked him around and he took off at a little trot.  I nearly had a cow.  She pulled back and he stopped but she kept pulling back so he backed up!  I told her to loose the reins and he stopped backing up.

I got on him (from the flat I have you know!!!).  Not even limbered up so I must be getting better.  I jogged him round and round and he was doing a great job.  We stopped and talked with Allison and Lee Ann.  When we went to go Biscuit just stood there.  I thought he'd follow me but he stood there until I touched his halter and said "Let's go" and then he followed me.  He will just stand there "ground tied".  He is a good boy.

I gave him plenty of treats and he loved that!!

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