Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biscuit has a black eye!

I went out to the barn and paid my board.  Everyone was visiting with Mr. Gus and Ms. Jean.  They are so funny!!  The Lee Anns and I went and checked out the trailer for our trip, moved some stuff out, made the bed...well, I tucked in the corner of the sheets.  My Coggins for The Biscuit is in the trailer.  We are all hoping for good weather.

I went down to get Biscuit and Lee Ann B and I were going to ride around the back.  When I got to his paddock and he walked up, I saw that his eye was draining and swollen.  Poor guy.  I took him up front and Allison and Lee Ann P looked at it.  Lee Ann had some drops for it but I decided to take him to the vet because I need my own drops and I wanted to make sure he hadn't cut his cornea.  I called Dr. Schneider's office and they said to bring him in.  I had to go home and get my trailer and come back and load him up. 

I hauled him to Doc's and we put him in the stock and Doc looked at his eye.  He said it was swollen and had some inflammation.  He put the dye in Biscuit's eye to check to see if it had an abrasion on his cornea.  Thank God there was no abrasion.  He gave him a shot of Bannamine and put drops in his eyes.  He said to put a hot compress on it when I put the drops in it.  By the time I had got to Doc's it had improved from when I first saw it. 

He got the meds for me and it was $114.  I led him to the trailer and he gave me some flak getting in but he finally did.  I hauled Biscuit back to the barn and he ate on the way.  I put a warm compress on his eye and he was good about it.  I think it felt good so he didn't fight me over it.  I put him back in his paddock.  I will be back tomorrow to put drops in.

Biscuit's black eye

Swollen and draining

Checking for abrasions
In the stock

I don't want to be in the stock...I'll close my eyes.

I am still in the stocks...ugh

My eye is fat

It is fat and draining...this was taken at Plum Nearly

Biscuit Black Eye

Gee, that horse is the same color as me...and look...it has purple on too...but I am cuter!!

After the compress

Wet from the compress

another view

It is still swollen

Back in my paddock!!  Sarge is blowing raspberries!

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