Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biscuit is better

I went out to the barn and pulled up Biscuit.  His eye is better.  There is still a very small amount of swelling on his upper eye lid.
Looking so much better!!!

Warm compress to his eye

Drops for his eye

Another view

I put him on the wash rack and went to get hot water.  I put hot compresses on his eye.  He was a little antsy about it but settled down and let me put the hot rag on his eye.  I put the drops in without too much flak...just little.  I figured out the shot needle and pulled up 10cc of bannamine and injected it into his left neck area.  Poor guy...a drop of blood came out.  I got the rag to wash it off. 

Lee Ann and I looked at his eye closely.  I dreamed last night it was getting cloudy.  Ugh...it was PERFECT.  I noticed that he has a slight swelling in his right chest area.  I think he was aggravating Sarge and Sarge let him have it.  Biscuit probably whapped his head on something getting away from Sarge.  Sigh...when will he ever learn to leave Sarge alone?

Slight Swelling
Another picture
I later put more drops and Allison put the last batch in and put him in his paddock.  God Bless Allison.  She is a total sweetheart and I think I am going to adopt her!

I decided it was time to put the new girth on my saddle while waiting to put in more drops.  I took the old girth off...oh my goodness - it stinks.  Biscuit can be a smelly boy!!!  I took the guards off this time ONE AT A TIME!!  I put them back on carefully.  It fits but I think a 30" one might have been better but I am happy with it. 
I brought out the air mattress and fan and put them in the trailer.  Lee Ann and I discussed weather and we are hoping for no rain.  Overcast we can do...rain will bite!  Her hubby made the braces for the panels to go on the trailer. 

4 panels attached to the side of the trailer
Braces that Doug P. made and Edgar and Jaime put on!!!  Wow!

Portable Corral on the side of the Featherlite
 We filled up the water tank and loaded tack.  I cleaned my bit off and attached my new AMTS reins that I got in about 6 weeks ago!  I put my saddle, bridle, pad and pommel bags in the back compartment.  I also put my rasp, nippers and a bottle of fly spray in the door compartment.  I emptied both the grooming and farrier bag to take just what is needed.  I put in hoof boots, brush, little heart curry comb and mane brush.  I took the fuchsia colored closed reins just in case something happens to my reins.  Lee Ann and I both took our "long" ropes.  I took some Ickthamol and Silvadene in case of galls.  I always have a hoof pick in the water bottle carrier.  Heart monitor and Garmin are in the bag. 

We are both so excited and I know Lee Ann B and Esther are too.  We filled up the water container in the trailer so we have water!!  We have an Astroturf mat to put down in the back of the trailer where Esther and I will be.  That will work for me...I was coughing in the front of the trailer the other day.  I will be better off in the back. 

Still got to put my food in, clothes and bed linen.  We are leaving around 7:30 or so from the barn.  We will stop in Winnie to pick up Esther and Hershey and then off to Brazos Bend Park.  We will have to set up camp when we get there - wash out the trailer and let it dry.  Set up the corral panels for the horses to stay in.  I am hoping we can get in a ride around 2:00.  That will give us a few hours to ride.

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