Friday, December 23, 2011

Short Christmas Ride with Kellie

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Elan and Biscuit in the Brenderup. 
Cattail Marsh on a winter's day

We got stuck in the mud
Kellie and I rode out at Tyrrell Park yesterday.  I picked her up and it was an adventure getting Elan in the Brenderup.  We made it though and had a good time.  It was a short ride, but fun.  We came out of the woods onto the road and I was going to go back into the woods to work with Biscuit's reluctance to go away from horses.  There were two men in the woods - a black man and a white man.  I left the woods.  I didn't want to run into is the unsavory types of people that frequent the park.  Several prominent men have be arrested for unsavory behavior (that is as delicately as I can put it on this blog!) in the park.  Never saw them on the trails though.  Ugh.  Kellie asked whether we should call the police but I didn't see them doing anything that was wrong.  I just wasn't going down the trail with them in the woods by myself.

We untacked the horses - we rode 3.6 miles.  We tried loading the horses and Elan wasn't wanting to load up.  We ended up putting him on the left hand side.  Biscuit on the right.  Got in the Rav, turned the key and NOTHING.  No juice.  OMG.  The battery was put in Tueday brand new!  I tried again.  Nothing.  Pulled the key out and opened the door.  The alarm/horn went off...Kellie was calling Barry on my phone.  I got the alarm/horn to shut up and put the key in again and the lights flickered.  I did it again and it fired up.  I started to pull out and my RAV was just spinning.  Gaaaaaa!!!!!!  I backed it up and then tried to go forward.  I didn't go forward!  Back again, tried to go forward.  No go.  I finally just backed it up to get out.  We turned left at the barn to go back to Kellie's.  I was going to turn on LeBelle Road and it went BumpBumpBumpBump like it did when Biscuit turned sideways in the trailer.  OMG I didn't want to scare Biscuit or Elan.  I stopped and checked the tires to make sure it wasn't a blow out or something like that.  I flipped on the flashers and we went slow all the way to Kellie's house.  When we turned left is when we got the bumps...just like last time. 

I sprayed the hitch thingy with WD40 that Randy loaned me.  What a darling.  I put Biscuit on the left hand side of the trailer and Randy guided me to back up the trailer down their driveway.  I put some Furazone on Biscuit's boo boo's.  Poor Baby.  He was a good boy and I used my new Taylor Made tack today.  I liked it. 

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