Saturday, December 10, 2011

Short ride on Wednesday

Lee Ann P and I ran around Thursday to get compasses, get a different dutch oven, etc.  We went to Academy and Gander Mountain.  We settled on a simple compass after a scout master said that is what his boy scouts use!  I got some new sunglasses - they seem to disappear - and the safety holders.  I am going to leave them with my tack so I always have them.

We got out to the barn and Lee Ann B was there and we told her she needed to go ride with us.  We loaded up and hauled to Tyrrell Park - I tacked Biscuit up at the barn.  I was wearing my new Cuddl Duds and my LL Bean fleece shirt and new sunglasses - I was stylin'. 

We went two rounds around the park for a little under 4 miles.  Biscuit did pretty good for the most part.  He kept trying to hollow out and get a little strong with me but he is easily brought in control.  We had a terrific ride.  I enjoyed it so much. 

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