Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Allegany Saddle

After Doc told me that the new saddle didn't fit in his opinion I had to call Staci.  I told her what Doc said and explained that he not only was a terrific vet, but that he was a real cowboy - that he had competed in all kinds of performance disciplines.  I asked what she would give me on the saddle and, bless her heart, she said it was a brand new saddle and she would just build me one that fit Biscuit now and take that one and sell it or keep it as a demo.  Wow!  I never expected that and I was blown away but her dedication to providing top notch service.  I shipped the saddle back to her and she is shipping the fit kit back to me.  We will refit The Biscuit and build me a new saddle.

I do want a Renegade Endurance saddle with the slim pommel in the lighter color.  I want it stamped, I want endurance stirrups, no dropped rigging, slim fenders, the deep pocket seat with the Supracore and 2 latigo's on each corner.  Also, my hoof pick pocket!!!  I am sure it will be wonderful but it will take 2 months to get it so I won't have it til mid - June.

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