Monday, April 2, 2012

Rasping Biscuit's Hooves

Barry and I went to the barn yesterday.  He walked the horses up to the barn.  I got out my brushes and groomed Biscuit.  He has some spots of thin hair on his back where the saddle goes.  I am concerned about it.  Will keep an eye on that.

Barry saddled up Sarge and worked him in the little and big arena's.  His backside looks like he has scalded the hair off !!!  It isn't raw or have open sores but it looks like the hair is nonexistent.  Going to keep an eye on it. 

I got out my rasp and hoof knife and did Biscuit's front feet.    He was pretty good about it.  He still has some yukky places but they are almost gone.  I didn't have time to do the back feet but I will get to them sometime this week. 

Julia and I made plans to ride on Monday.  Of course it rained so we had to cancel.

I washed Sarge off when Barry was through riding.  I rinsed out his sheath - he had "bits of yuk" poking out of it.  He was good about having it rinsed.  I put Cowboy Magic in his mane and brushed his mane out.  He is such a sweet horse.  I just love him.  Biscuit got plenty of hugs and kisses today too.  He is looking like a million bucks but he is thinner than last year that is for sure.  

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