Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Riding where water is not available - Bring your own!!!

I was asked about riding where there is no water available and what we do about it.  I certainly didn't come up with the idea of taking water for the horses in coolers - Lee Ann P showed me when we went to Big Sandy last year.  It is a easy way to haul water if you don't have a water tank in your trailer.  Pundt Park doesn't have water at the trail head and neither does Big Sandy.  There wasn't water at Brazos Bend's campsites but does have water in the front of the park but you have to haul it to your site. 

We throw a few coolers in the back of the truck and run a hose to it and fill it up.  We used a bucket small enough to put in the cooler to dip out water into a water bucket for the horses.  Easy Peasy. 

When we went to Brazos Bend there is a 100 gal water trough with  a really neat water pump.  We took the buckets over there and filled them up and hauled them back to the camp.  Ok...that is REALLY hard!!!  I looked at my cooler on wheels and took the food and drinks out and stuffed them in the other coolers and then pulled my cooler over to the trough.  We filled it up and pulled it (still was not a picnic pulling it!) over to our site.  It was not as hard as buckets but it wasn't a walk in the park - pun intended.

If there is a will, there is a way!!!  Be prepared no matter where you ride and you won't be caught up short!!

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