Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sarge is Ok!!!! Ava meets the horses

I called Doc Wednesday morning and Cassie set me up with a 9:30 appointment.  I hitched the Brenderup to the Rav (thank God it hitched up just fine...that is another story about what happened to my hitch at Modica Brothers!) and was going down Central Blvd when Cassie called.  She said that Doc had a call out on colic and could be change the appointment to 6:00 PM. 

I put up the trailer and didn't have trouble with it at all.  What happened was when I went to get it last week it was in the front of Modica's instead of the back where I left it.  I wondered how they moved it because it had the lock in the ball.  I thought they would just use a jack to take the tire off.  I went in to pay and they said no charge.  Hummm...that is odd.  Why no charge I wondered.  I backed up to it and couldn't get the key in the lock.  I tried several times.  I went inside and asked if something had happened to my trailer.  They put it on a ball of a truck or something and had to take their receiver hitch off to get it off the ball.  He came outside with me to look at the key/lock issue and asked I had the right key. I said the very ones I used yesterday.  Ugghghghghghghghghgh....I went home and got the original key.  Came back - it doesn't fit either and looks like the lock has been squished so the key won't go in.  I called Kay at Leibe and Lucas where I bought the trailer.   She said to try to tap the key in or I'd have to have a keysmith drill it out.  OMG.  The guy was able to tap the key in and turn it with pliers.  He apologized for my inconvenience.  OMG my lock is toast.  I wouldn't trust it at all now.  I did tell him I thought they would just jack up my trailer and take the tire off.  I said I would have preferred that they called me and said they couldn't repair the tire unless I removed the lock.  When I hauled the trailer Sunday I had a little trouble get it on the ball and take it off. 

So back to my vet story.  I went out to the barn to give Sarge a medicated bath.  I pulled him up out of the pasture and he was such a good boy.  I took him to the main barn.  Dr. Sherwood, Ms. Jean and Lee Ann were working on Jabarre in the clinic.  He was getting his eye sewed up, his teeth floated and his sheath cleaned.  Poor guy!!! 

Lee Ann had looked at Sarge earlier and said she thought that patch would slough off.  Ms. Jean wasn't so sure.  She said she has had huge  parts slough off.  Gaaaa!!!! 

I used warm water to give Sarge a good bath - I used my curry comb to scrub him down and was pulling tons of hair out.  He was a little nervous hearing the drill they were using on Jabarre.  He didn't like it so much when Doc Sherwood did his teeth a few years ago.  I made sure to really rinse him off good.  I took him outside and he was pretty darn shiny on most of his body.  Even the long hair. 

Shiny Sarge

Hummm...I will be riding you before you know it Sarge!!!!
I took him on the outside washrack and brushed him with the Furminator and pulled off more hair.  He seemed a little tender skinned and hollowed his back when I was going down his back.  I tried to be very careful so I didn't hurt him.  I put Cowboy Magic in his mane and tail and combed them smooth. 

I asked Dr. Sherwood to look at Sarge and he said that bay horses sometimes shed out a little differently than other horses - often looking just like Sarge - ratty in the places because literally all of the hair falls out.  He said the Capsan blistered his skin in the wrinkly place.  (OMG I felt terrible!!)  He said to just wash Sarge in Tide - without bleach - when I think that he is getting rain rot.  Save myself some money he said.  I wanted to pay him but he said no - that way I wouldn't be pissed off if it didn't work!!!  LOL  He is so funny.

Well, aren't you a cutie patootie
Lee Ann told him I was putting the Captan on full strength and he said he'd never heard of that and perhaps I had misunderstood.  Lee Ann said no, she didn't misunderstand because I was there when she called them back and confirmed the method.  AAAAACCCKKKK!  I felt so bad causing this poor fellow any moment of discomfort, pain or aggravation. 

I later gave Sarge his West Nile Shot.  Poor baby, he has been through the ringer.  His coat is very shiny and soft where he has shed off.  I told Barry it is important for him to rinse him off after riding - this horse obviously has sensitive skin.  My horse as a teenager, Gal, was a little bay horse much like Sargent.  Probably about his size when grown.  I don't remember her looking funny shedding out but of course, that doesn't mean EVERY bay horse looks like doody shedding out!

I got Biscuit out of the pasture and washed his mane.  The medication had got in the last part of his mane and it was thick black strings from the meds, the sun screen and dirt.  It took two scrubbings with shampoo and OxyClean to get it out.  I tried his new saddle on him and the girth is a little short I think.  I tried Lee Ann's expensive girth on him and took him into the arena and's an Aussie.  It slipped twice.  Had to tighten and finally got on.  We went around the arena a few times and I can tell he hasn't been ridden.  I can't get another girth before we leave for Kisatchie so I am going to take the Billy Cook. 

I lounged Biscuit for 20 minutes.  10 minutes to the right and he went quickly when asked.  That is the side he usually gives me trouble and spins around in a circle like he is confused.  Not today.  10 minutes at a trot.  He finally stopped himself and turned the other way!  LOL  he is so funny.  Jarbarre was racing around the arena and Biscuit did some cantering in that direction.  He was barely damp but I rinsed him off anyway.

Barry arrived when I was down at the paddock and we got them horses some alfalfa.  Barry got it at Tractor Supply and it is VERY compressed.  Sarge pawed his because it is so compact.  Barry pulled it apart for him and then he was happy.  Barry read Biscuit the riot act last week for getting up in his Kool Aid while giving them alfalfa.  Biscuit hadn't forgot and was much better about waiting til Barry gave him his alfalfa.

Julia is moving but will be coming back to see Shalom til she is able to move her.  I promised to take pics and put them on the blog.  She gave me a hug and we made plans to ride in June. 

Barry and I kept the kids and took them to eat at Cracker Barrel and then out to see the horses so Ava could meet the boys.  She wasn't afraid and tried to poke Sarge in the eye and grab his ear.  LOL  Sarge is so sweet.  Kayden gave Biscuit and Sarge clover and led Sarge around by his lead rope. 

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