Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hair Issues, Tire & Battery Issues, Sunburn Issues Part 2

Left Side

Both sides

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Issues and concerns galore as the day continues.  I got the horses back to the barn and pulled the trailer over past the stud pen.  I tied them on the wash rack and took pictures of Biscuit's back.  I had told Margaret about this yesterday and I think she thought I a slightly hysterical horse owner for taking them to the vet.  She said hot scrubby baths and treat at home had worked for her.  I texted her a picture of Biscuit's back and the Fungus Amongus message.  She CALLED me and said "that is is bad!!!  You have to get that treated immediately."  hahahahaha I actually do know some things and I am not over reactive but stuff where the saddle goes can't wait.

Doc did say I could still ride him...put Desitin where the patches are till the hair grows back which does grow pretty quick.  I probably won't ride til we go to Louisiana next weekend but will lounge him so he doesn't act like an idiot.

I will have to disinfect his saddle pad and all the brushes.  Lee Ann came out and asked about what Doc said.   I was telling her about it and she recommended some oral stuff that she and Ms. Jean had had luck with.  I called Doc about it and Cassie is going to get back with me on it.  She did later and Doc said it didn't work in his opinion any better than what I am going to do and it is $170 per horse.  Gaaaa.  I visited for a few minutes with Ms. Jean and Lee Ann on the patio.  OMG the patio is gorgeous.

Hair in clumps

Sarge feeling better with the hair off

A soaking wet Sargent

Lots of hair gone but still more to go
So...back to horses....I got out my Orvis Paste Shampoo and went to work on Sargent.  OMG his hair at his flanks was coming out in hunks and he is bare there now after I plucked it out.   I hosed him down and got to work with the shampoo and rubber curry comb.  Lots of hair coming out.  Then I got the Furminator and pulled that all over coming out by the tons.  I rinsed him really well and put Show Sheen in his mane and combed it.  Sarge is a horse that is going to take extra grooming.  I guess I will have to do it because Barry isn't!  Poor guy!!!
Before nipping - omg they are long!!!

After nipping - but before rasping

Back left hoof before nipping

before nipping

After I got him cleaned up I started on his hooves.  I nipped them first because they were long!  I had to pop him once.  Sarge can be hard to trim.  I turned him and Biscuit out in the arena so I could go get something to eat.  I went to my car and the lights were on.  OMG...I had left the car on ... not running but the key to the first turn.  Lee Ann came and jumped it for me.  I then hauled the trailer to Modica Bro. to have the back tire patched.  I went and got lunch and the dust Dr. Schneider told me to get.
Julia clipping KaTim

KaTim is much cooler now
I came back and they were body clipping KaTim.  I got to help.  It was an education!!!  It was really fun!!!  Hair was going everywhere.  I clipped his legs and face plus smoothed out his body clip.  So much for that crazy Arabian BS.  KaTim was such a sweetie while I was clipping him.   Lee Ann folded his ears and I trimmed his ears and the backs of them.  Around his eyes, down his forehand and under his jaw.  What a total sweetheart.  He is an old fellow now but I understand he used to be the cat's meow in the show ring.  What a lovely old boy.  Wish I had known him in his glory days.

I finished rasping Sarge's feet.  I put the medication on Biscuit's back and dusted Sarge like a rose bush.  I took them one at a time down to the paddock.

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