Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Biscuit is GOLDEN & the Allegany Saddle arrived

I went out to the barn yesterday and Biscuit has pretty much all shed out....and he is way more golden than I have ever seen him!!!  I lounged him in the area and he did fine going to the left but we had a little snit going to the right.  After making him turn turn turn turn turn turn turn in circles he decided that going to the right might be easier.  Yay....I was able to get him to do what I needed him to do.  I rinsed him off afterwards because he was a little sweaty.  I snapped this picture of him with my phone.  He looks like such a pretty boy!

The spots on his back are worrying me.  I checked out Rain Rot and what to do about it.  He has lost hair in several patches and Sarge looks positively moth eaten.  I called Cassie at Dr. Schneiter's and made an appointment for Tuesday morning. 

When I got home the Down Under Saddle box was on the porch.  That box has done some traveling!!!  It has been shipped to me from Colorado.  I shipped the Allegany to Ohio to have the rigging changed and it was shipped back to Texas.  It took a cake to Houston.  I shipped the saddle to New York and they shipped it back!!!  That box has some MILES on it!!! 

The saddle was dark and rich looking...the seat was way softer than the other one and WOW...the workmanship was way better as Staci promised.  The roll on the cantle was flawless - I know why Staci fired the other saddle maker.  He didn't come close to the skill of this saddle maker.  I liked the no horn too!!!!

I will try it on Biscuit Tuesday when I get to the barn.  I can't wait to sit in it.

Lee Ann gave me a set of map/trail drawings of Kisatchie.  We are so excited about going.  I looked at my trails for Kisatchie and some are the same as on the drawing.  There are GPS coordinates on the back of one of the drawings!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Biscuit get better soon!

K.K. said...

I love his color! I never knew what color my palomino was going to be in the spring! When I first met him he was a dirty/smutty color, then next spring he was a bright copper penny color, and the following spring a light palamino with dapples :-)

Denise said...

Thank Ms. Shalom for the hugs and kisses. He thinks she is pretty darn hot!

K.K. I never thought Biscuit would be this dark and his butt is full of dapples!!! It is good to see him looking so pretty!