Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fungus Amongus and Saddle Fit Issues Part 1

Busy as a bee on Tuesday.  My Brenderup was in front of Morgan's car!!!  I attached my Rav and backed up my Brenderup without going off of the driveway on the right side.  I am a backing up champion!!!!  Look at that watermark....3 years ago backing up was a little hard!!!  Trailering has been fun and a challenge. 

I got out to the barn and put the boys feed in the trailer and went down to get them.  I got out and got near them (they were at the gate) and both of them took off!!!  OMG like I had time to chase them down.  Went to the other side and easily caught them after their "I'm hard to get" game.  They both loaded up quickly and with no problem.

Ohhh ohhhh....tire was low.  I hadn't taken it to be plugged.  It was fine without the horses though.  I pulled up to the main barn and asked Edgar if he thought it was too low.  He said he'd fill it for me again.  Bless his heart.  He is such a sweet darling person.  I just love Edgar and Jamie.  They are wonderful people.  So, I put the Rav in reverse and backed it up down, around the curve and to the feed barn without it fishtailing or swerving around!!!!  Edgar filled it for me and I said I would take it as soon as I unloaded the horses after their trip to the vet. 

So, I called Cassie to let her know I would be about 10 minutes late due to run away horses and a low tire.  Ughhhh   and I thought I was going to be early!!!  It always takes longer than you think it will to go ANYWHERE with horses. 

ummmmm, explain to us again WHY we are here?

The horses were well behaved so I snapped a few pictures of them.
Sarge isn't happy...he is giving me the stink eye...Biscuit is hopeful that it isn't going to involve a hand up somewhere that isn't his idea of a fun time!!
Here, you have dirt on your face, let me get that off for you. 

Aren't my boys just gorgeous?
Doc shaved his back
 Doc looked them over and said Sarge's was just garden variety fungus amongus of Southeast Texas this time of year.  Biscuit's, on the other hand, was not.  Deep tissue fungus - damaged tissue.  I tied Sarge up and held Biscuit while Doc shaved his back.  Poor boy, he was terrified....he had that frozen statue look but he wasn't trembling like he used to do.  He stood quietly even though he was scared.  Doc shaved both sides of his back.  It doesn't have open sores but just short of them. 
I told Doc about his having the white bars on his back last year and ordering the custom saddle.  I said I had just got it back after Staci rebuilt it but on the same tree.  I said that if it fit I would keep it - if it didn't it was going up for sale immediately.  He said get it out and we will look at it.  So I go the saddle and the Skito out and set it on Biscuit.  Doc looked it over and said "Sell it.  It doesn't fit him and you are going to hurt his back with this.  Too tight at the withers - pressure here and at the back.  Also was bridging (he put his hand under and so did I)."  I showed him the Skito - he said "no"  It won't help.  Gaaaa!!!

I asked Doc which saddle bars he thought he needed.  He said about 3/4 horse or full bars.  I said the Billy Cook had that in it.  He said this saddle would have fit Biscuit well last year when he was a rolly polly but that Biscuit was extremely fit now and just exactly as he should be.  Biscuit does look terrific. 

Doc said to get Capsan powder and dust on Sarge and a medicated shampoo a few times a week.  They were out of the shampoo so I will have to go back to get it.  Doc said it was flying off the shelf because this is rampant at this time.  It was $88 and that included the salve and Biscuit's health certificate.  I will have to put this salve on Biscuit two times a day.  I loaded the boys back up and headed for Dr. Sherwood's to pay for the summer sore medication. 


kristi said...

Your boys look great in spite of Biscuit's fungus, poor baby. So, what are you gonna have to do? Keep a Billy Cook for the winter and your custom made saddle for our other season? I just sold a Billy Cook roper - it was too heavy for my ol' man. Sucks getting old...

Nice new saddle, tho - I love the color ~

Denise said...

The Billy Cook belongs to hubby. I am ordering an Aussie to use for the months while I wait for the new one to arrive!