Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going to Kisatchie with The Lee Anns

Kisachie with The Lee Anns 1st Ride

Went too far trail

Gorgeous Star Trail

Are you back there Legato?

Thursday was a busy day getting ready to go to Kisatchie.  I had to go to banks and cash checks, run to the grocery store, run home and make a casserole, pack and get out the door.  I pulled up The Biscuit, loaded my stuff into the 3 horse slant and we took off.   What a fun ride - The Lee Anns are always so much fun.

We got to Kisatchie after a little snaffoo in directions.  We unloaded the horses and put them in the stalls and unloaded our stuff.  Lee Ann B had made us a terrific broccoli chicken casserole so we never starve!  We had to jack a microwave from another cabin as ours didn't have the micro and fridge they were supposed to have. 

We got up Friday morning and puttered around, fed the horses and I took Biscuit down to the round pen and let him walk around and stretch his legs.  We met some of the other guests - Denise and Troy, Justine and her husband - darn, can't remember his name! that are originally from York, England, and Cathy and her husband that live there during the winter months. 

We finally tacked up and headed out with maps.  We went down the Wind Chime Trail.  Biscuit was a little frisky but not much considering the horse has barely been rode in the last month.  He got tangled up in some vines like Tony's horse did there last year.  He didn't panic though and backed up-went forward-backed up til he was free.  I sat as still as I could while he got himself out of it and considered where I would have to bale off!!!  He freed himself and that was it.  Good Boy.  Lee Ann P said the map we were using was dead on and I left the navigating the map to her as I was pretty sure of where I was as we had rode this trail with Mr. Weber last year.   Also, without my glasses it is hard to see the map!!!  The new little Cashel Trail Kit really comes in handy!!!  I did stop and put on my glasses so I could see the map and my memory was pretty good about where I was at.

We stopped to go around a culvert and I remembered that is where we took pictures going through the little creek.  We stopped and got off for a little rest.  I went over to the place where we had gone through and made sure the horses wouldn't bog down.  It was solid so it was no problem.  I went back to where Biscuit was and was standing there and then stepped back and into a tree hole.  Down I went on my butt.  I am sure Biscuit was cracked up laughing on the inside!

I went to mount up and did a go over AGAIN.  He stepped towards me and then forward and I pitched over the top, same thing as last time and was afraid my foot would hang in Barry's stirrup and whop!!!  I fell flat on my back when Biscuit moved around - I was just glad he didn't step on me and the stump I hit was rotten.  I took him over to a tree that was down and it was maybe 3" off the ground and it helped.  I mounted with no problem and held his reins tighter.  We went through the little creek without a hitch.  We traveled the same route I had before down by the horses that came running up to us.  We got off and walked the horses.  Biscuit was ok with it last time but you never know.  Better safe than sorry.  We did some trotting which was fun.  We rode 7.1 miles and just had a blast.

Bad weather was on its way and Kellie texted that it started raining in Jasper at 2:00 PM and rained for 12 hours over there.  Ugh.  We had gorgeous weather Friday - clear skies, LOW humidity, mild temperatures.  What could have been better than that?

I gave Biscuit a huge bag of hay which he promptly devoured.  I had moved him to a middle stall as the other was to wet for me.  I didn't mind the smaller stalls but I didn't like them being wet.  We tacked up later for another ride - Biscuit was an ass about being saddled and I dropped my saddle.  We only rode about a mile or so and came back due to threatening weather. 

We ate my Mexican Casserole I had made and it was pretty good.  It started raining that evening but it wasn't a heavy rain.

Saturday it was overcast and chilly.  I was able to get on line and see that it would clear around 3:00.  Lee Ann P decided not to ride but Lee Ann B and I tacked up and rode out at 1:00 PM.  We went down to one that I had rode part of before.  It was now marked as a double red dot trail.  Biscuit was being pretty darn frisky and wanting to MOVE out.  They were a little explosive I think due to being too long in a stall and cool weather.  I wanted to stop and look at the map and he kept moving around - I slapped his neck and growled at him.  Still wanting to move out - I put him in the lead - we switched back and forth on that - and he settled down.  We kept going at an 8 mile loop marker and later my Garmin went out...the batteries died.  I knew we had to go west but trails do loop around.  Anyway we followed one trail and kept going til we hit a Louisiana Camp Site that was closed.  We rode up to the road and the gate was locked.  Thank God some kids turned in that were looking for a place to 4 wheel.  Lee Ann kicked down the boards because there was wire fences.  We let the horses out and Troy and Sarah went to tell Lee Ann P to come get us.  What sweet kids!!!  We rode about 11 miles and Lee Ann and Cathy came and picked us up. 

Little Creek

What a cute bridge

Biscuit looks to Rogue to get his opinion on the crossing of a bridge!!

Sister, I do NOT want to go over that bridge first....let Rogue go!!

Super Rogue - he was a trooper!!!

Look at Rogue Go!!!

Piece of Cake Biscuit...just follow Rogue

Biscuit followed like a good boy

The sweet couple that helped us!!!  Their momma's raised them right!!!

Rogue by Hwy 112

Biscuit waiting for his transport

Thought we were going to have to eat berries for dinner!!!

Pretty Black Berries

Lee Ann with our ride!!!!

Ooops!!!  Had to get out somehow!!!

Another horsey friend stopped to make sure we were ok

Kisatchie Forest
 Biscuit did seem to get a little tired on this ride or maybe it was just being tenderfooted.  He did knock a little chunk out of his coronet band, probably on a root or something like that.  Tons of roots out there.  We got back to the 4B and I put Biscuit in his stall and made sure he had his water, hay and feed.  He was a happy camper.

I did realize that no matter how short you think a ride is - take the phone.  We, thank God, weren't lost.  I could have turned around and got back the way I came but it would have been dark when we got back.  We ran into a band of 14 hogs - a couple of big ones and mostly little ones.  Who wants to run into that at night and spook your horse?  Not me!!!

I also realized that I will ride now with extra fresh batteries in the Cashet Trail Kit.  I am going to get new batteries for my little square flashlight and keep fresh batteries for that in the kit too.  It has a nice strong beam.  Matches to start a fire if needed.  I will get some and put the little waterproof first aid container that I have.  Hummm...I am going to make a post on what to take no matter what!!!

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