Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treating Sarge and Biscuit

I have been putting the Captan on Sarge and the other meds on Biscuit's back.  They have been so patient about it.  Sarge's hair is growing back but I am still worried about him.

I went to the barn this afternoon to put Captan on him.  Barry was meeting me out there and I had bought a huge bale of alfalfa at the Vinton Feed Store today.

Hey...there is the Alfalfa Girl and hey, she has alfalfa

Got a snack for the Biscuit?

yummmmm. Sarge left a bite

nummmm nummm nummm

wow...Sarge is such a sweet guy...

ok...party is over...Sarge wants his own Texas Trash...

How about a bite for the Biscuit? 

Sarge's wrinkle

Sarge is shiny in some places and not in others...Biscuit is Golden
I gave them the alfalfa (I noted that Sarge had left some food in his bucket but returned to it when he saw Biscuit in it!!) and put the meds on Biscuit's back.  I was wiping Sarge down with the Clorox wipees and on his left shoulder was a funny wrinkly area.  It is odd looking like it is separate from the rest of him.  I called the vet and will be taking him in tomorrow.  He said it may be trying to slough off.  I want Doc to do a blood test on Sargent.  I am worried about him.  I don't like him looking so sad!!!

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