Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tandam Horses

I was up all night working on a cake and just had 3 hours sleep.  I went out to see my horses because I didn't get out there yesterday.  They were soaking wet with sweat - that nasty kind all over their bodies.  I put their halters and and for the first time, led both of them up to the barn using the RAV4.  Sarge gave Biscuit a few nasty faces - and Biscuit had a chunk of hair gone off of his right side.  I fussed at Sarge to leave The Biscuit alone.  Once at the wash rack I put Biscuit in the arena and tied him up.  Sarge was rinsed off - he was so sweaty poor boy.  I rinsed out is sheath - he had some chunks in there that I washed out.  He dropped for a moment and I was able to clean him a little more but not much.  I scraped him off and got out my hoof tools.  His souls were just popping off with just a touch of the circle knife....his feet are terrific.  He did have some thrush and a little bit at the tip of his toe.  I nipped and rasped his front feet.  He would pull his feet from me and he stepped on my rasp and wouldn't get off of it.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.    I will get his back feet next week. 

Alison wormed Biscuit while we were up there.  He wasn't too happy about it but that is just too dang bad.  I switched horses and rinsed Biscuit off too...sheath was rinsed out.  I brushed both of the horses manes.  Biscuit looked like he had a bruise on the bulb of his hoof.  I will keep an eye on it.  I sprayed both of them with fly spray.  I visited with Lee Ann P and Alison.  Lydia and Lee Ann were braiding Legato's mane in a diamond pattern.  Can't wait to see the finished look!!

I took them back down to their pasture and turned them lose.  I was sweaty but my back wasn't hurting. 

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