Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sarge has sheath issues again

Sunday evening Barry and I went to the barn to feed the horses.  Sarge kept kicking up his back leg and Barry said there weren't any flies on him.  I said to check his sheath.  He said "I can't tell anything".  Ok....I go check Sarge and his sheath looks a little funny - not normal.  I reached inside and pulled out a huge chunk of junk.  Sigh...Sarge is a dirty little fellow.

Monday I went down to the pasture and got Sarge.  Biscuit was a little surprised but he got treats anyway.  He was willing and ready to stick his head in the halter!  I took Sarge up to the front and started using a low volume stream of water into his sheath to loosen more junk in his truck so to speak.  The Lee Ann's were riding in the arena while I worked on Sarge.  I hoses and then pulled out junk...hosed and pulled out junk.  I then hosed him off to get all the sweat off of him and used the last of my Show Sheen to comb out his mane.  He is such a sweet horse!

I went back Monday evening to feed both of them.  His sheath still doesn't look quiet right but he doesn't seem to be in pain or discomfort.  Barry refuses to do more than hose it off a little - but Sarge seems to need a little more than occasionally running a little water there!!!  I will have to make a point to clean him once a week or so.  I will post of picture of his junk later.  Geez where does this horse get all of this nastiness?

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