Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting on and getting off

Friday Kellie and I went out to Tyrrell Park again.  So nice to be riding!  My legs feel SO much better.  I can feel improvement!!

We decided to go into the woods.  We walked around the side of the road to the entry over by Cattail Marsh.  We walked down the little trail to the main trail and went to the left.  Spiders were spinning their webs and I was knocking them down.  Ugh.  We got over towards the back not to far from the entry onto Willow Bayou and I dropped my dang crop!!!  Ugh.  I decided to dismount and see if I could remount.  :-)  I couldn' legs are too stiff.  I took Biscuit to a place that was a little higher near a tree and lower where he was at but I still couldn't get on.  We walked looking for a log and came on that little round step looking thing but one of the "legs" is gone on that and I didn't think it was stable enough to stand on.  We walked past the exit to bayou and kept going.  I finally found a log on the left hand side.  I tried to get Biscuit to straddle it but he completely walked over it.  I turned him around and got him to straddle it.  He was such a good boy!!!  I was able to mount up!!!  I was so glad the tree didn't rock up and hit him in the gut or didn't break with my big butt on it!!!  LOL that would have been a mess!!!

Video of Mounting from the Tree

I was later able to dismount with no problems.  Getting better each day!!!  So nice to be adding to my miles but it is slow.  I am hoping that by this fall I will be able to ride by myself again so I can go during the week days. 

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