Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sarge is a riot

I took my mom to the doctor on Tuesday and after that I took her out to see my horses.  I set the bucket of treats down outside of the pasture and got into the gate to put the halter on Biscuit.  Sarge stuck his head through the wire, dumped over the bucket and started gobbling up treats.  He is so funny!!!

I went up to the barn to get fly spray.  OMG those nasty little black biting flies were everywhere.  I sprayed both of them really well and killed a big horse fly on Biscuit's leg.  Ugh...I got blood splattered all over my hand. 

I had been out to see them yesterday too and then went back Tuesday evening.  Got to hug them both up!

Here are my beautiful boys....Sarge is shining like a copper penny...his coat is velvety soft and he is the sweetest fellow.  Biscuit's coat is shiny and soft but I am a sucker for a beautiful bay horse!!!

Sarge looks precious - Biscuit looks like he stayed up too late or had too much to drink!!! 

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