Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Biscuit and I take a little ride

I went to the barn around 11:30 AM or so.  I went down to the pasture and got Biscuit.  Treats for coming to me.  Walked him up to the barn and put him on the wash rack.  I got out his saddle, bridle, grooming stuff.  I groomed him first - he is slicked off but shedding like crazy.  More treats. 

I saddled him up - no problem saddling him.  I asked Lee Ann P and Alison if they would help me on and off to make sure he didn't move for my first attempt. 

Lee Ann held him and I put my foot in and up I went.  A little problem getting my leg over the cantle but not near as much problems as I had before.  I walked him around for 30 minutes.  Stopping, backing up, turning in circles, sidepassed like a doll, leg yielded, etc.  Alison came and held him while I got off.  Can't tell if my foot is out of the stirrups or not.  Same problem getting leg over cantle - not as bad as before but not as good as I would like.  Can't tell if my feet are still in the stirrups or not.  Oh well...that is how it goes.  More treats for the Biscuit. 

Kellie and I are riding Wednesday afternoon at Tyrrell Park.  I can't wait.

Check this picture out...between Biscuit's roached back and my sway back - it is not a good fit for us - so I will be getting a new saddle as soon as I can.

Put your left foot in and swing aboard get my foot in this dang stirrup

I am on!!

Away I go - woot - Biscuit and I are a team again!

Sway back + roach back is not a good combo

Is there a treat somewhere for The Biscuit?

Wet under the saddle

wet under the saddle

What a pretty Biscuit Man

not a good position to be in

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