Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day Ride

Barry and I rode down to McFaddin Beach around noon just to see the water.  I love to hear the ocean!!  Pelicans flying around - fish jumping out of the water.  Saw a lady with her back to the water in a lawn chair - waves came in - she slowly thumped over backwards flat on her back - in slow motion.  It was freaking hilarious!

We had the kids over for grilled hotdogs and chicken.  We all had a good time.

I had no trouble catching Biscuit - a few treats is all that it takes.  Lisa and Helen gave me a ride down to the pasture so I didn't have to walk.  Woot!!!  We got to the park and OMG there were parties going on!!  Because of 4 wheelers running around - possibly in the woods - we elected to go across to the back of the golf course.  The grass was pretty dang high back there.  Up to our stirrups.  Elan grabbed a big mouthful of huge leafy things and was chewing on it.  Biscuit helped himself to some of what Elan was eating...literally pulling it out of his mouth!  Kellie said Elan would have never allowed his stable mates to do that...only Biscuit.  Thank God the boys get along so well! 
We rode for a little more than 2 miles.

On the way back we skirted around the old community building to get further from the noise of the bouncing ball and 4 wheelers.  We were crossing the lawn near the parking lot when the 4 wheelers were going all over and Biscuit turned into a giraffe.  I stayed on and tried to calm him but he was a little antsy.  Not bad but this old chick got off - easily I might add and walked him back to the trailer.  I don't ever want to come off of my horse again.  Especially now.  I did notice that I was walking BETTER than I have since all of my problems started.  My hippotherapy is working wonders on my legs. 

Second Trail Ride

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