Monday, July 8, 2013

Rasping hooves and 4 Wheeler encounter

I went out to the barn around noon on Saturday and haltered Biscuit in the shelter with no problems.  Good boy!!!!  I walked him up to the wash rack and got my trimming tools.  I just used the rasp and circular knife.  I did Biscuit's front feet only.  He was pretty dang cooperative with a few treats thrown in.  LaMonie and Azizza were all up in our Kool Aid and one of them came Biscuit a mare scream right in his ear!  hahahahaha  he didn't see to be very impressed though.

After I rasped his feet and used the circular knife just little on the sole area we went over to the bench by the pool and he was gobbling up green grass.  I then took him back down to his pasture and turned him loose.  He came back to the fence for a treat.  :-)

I went to walk in the water at the Wellness Center and then took soup to Momma.  After that I headed out to the barn to get Biscuit.  We headed for Tyrrell Park and tacked up.  We decided to ride in a figure 8 so that we could ride a little longer.  We rode down the right of way twice - fighting a few spiders along the way!!!

Coming back through the woods on the way to the stables we came upon a family walking on the trails.  Mom, Dad and 3 kids.  They were being ate up by insects so I offered them my Deep Woods Off.  They were very sweet people.

We got to the end of the little trail and there was a family reunion going on in the pavilion area.  We cut through the middle to go around so we could avoid the 4 wheelers.  Kellie went away from me to canter a little bit then came back and said Elan didn't like leaving Biscuit but he had left Regan the week before!  Hahahah  Biscuit and Elan are buddies til the end!

A four wheeler was coming right at us and Biscuit's turned into a giraffe.  The young fellow driving it was going slow and he finally stopped and told him Biscuit was a little afraid.  He cut the engine and I walked Biscuit up to it and asked the little girl on the back to accept a treat for Biscuit.  I had another one and the young man gave Biscuit the other.  Hopefully Biscuit saw that 4 wheelers are treat machines not eat Biscuit machines!

4 Wheeler Treat Video

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