Friday, November 15, 2013

2% Biscuit on Sunday

Kellie and I were able to go riding Sunday.  I made us lunch for a picnic.  I went to get Biscuit and he wouldn't come into the corral.  Thank goodness I got there early.  I had to go get the Gator and then he came into the corral and I was able to halter him with no problem.  I am sure it is a game to him.

He made me a smidgen late but that is ok.  Kellie was already there so I tacked up.  We went out through Cattail Marsh.  Some nice biker ladies held the turnstile open for me.

We got out on Willow Bayou and we saw an alligator.  Not a huge on but good sized all the same.

As we went along we were looking for my lost phone but didn't see it.  We crossed the Willow Bayou Bridge and kept going.  Here are some pictures of the bird box houses we saw last week.  Lee Ann P said they were probably to attract wood ducks.

The grass was kind of high but we kept going.  Went down the side of the bog and up ahead we saw a pig....then another one with its back hair raised, ran across, zigzagged back and into the brush to the right.  The horses stopped and watched.  One pig went across the water but the other one didn't that we could see.  We were careful going by there but the little pig was not seen again.  We did see another hog on the left side just a little ways from there.  I got a little happy with Photoshop Elements.

We got to the back to the bayou and saw water ripples where a boat had gone by...actually the guy was right at the bottom of the lookout in a boat fishing.

Last time we rode back there Barry said the little trail had branches down so we backed out of it.  This time Biscuit and I led the way through all kinds of brush over our heads and stepped over some things but nothing we couldn't go through!  Way to go Biscuit Man!  He did give the evil eye to a little log on the ground.  He always thinks it is going to eat him.  We made it though but it was pushing through heavy brush.  It is a very narrow trail and we haven't been down it in ages so hopefully with winter coming on and riding it frequently it will be back to normal.

We went all down the bayou and up the bog.  We did some trotting and my balance was pretty dang good.  We crossed the big bridge and we could see Lisa and Helen coming towards us.  Helen's little mare Ruby is a cutie patootie.  Evidently she doesn't like light colored horses or horses with light colored legs!  She let Elan sniff her nose with no problem.   A little later Biscuit wanted to get a little closer and she bellowed at him.  LOL  I used a little leg pressure to side pass him to the right and I didn't need to ask him twice.  He quickly side passed closer to Elan.  We visited with Helen and Lisa for a while and then headed out.  We came up to the Cattail road and decided to go down to where the woods were.  We did some jogging trotting and I am glad to say I didn't lose my balance.  We went through some stuff that was taller than our heads and was grabbing at our feet it was so thick.  We got up to where the woods entry would be and I was letting Biscuit have his head to see if he would know where the entry was - and he certainly did!  He turned in and it was full of water.  We went through it, got snagged by blackberry vines and went to the left.  Standing water but we went.  Using leg cues I asked Biscuit to go through the middle of the water and he did.  OMG that is a BIG PICKLE as Biscuit is not a fan of mud!  Some areas were dry and some wet.  It was wettest up in front of the trail.  Biscuit was glad to get out of the mud and water but he was very well behaved during this part of the ride.  He doesn't like real spongy areas but this was just muddy not spongy.

We rode 7.7 miles with the top speed at 8.4 mph.  I took his tack off and hosed him off.  He had dirty water marks on his legs and under his saddle was sweaty.  He was hosed off and scraped off and given treats.  I put his long rope on his halter so he could graze and got our picnic ready.  We each had a 1/2 Pimento and Cheese sandwich and a 1/2 a homemade chicken salad sandwich, pita chips, satsuma's and biscotti and Diet Coke.  Biscuit was all up in my KoolAid.  He wanted to join the party.

He ate some biscotti and a crust of bread.  He wanted more so I gave him a bigger crust of bread with Pimento Cheese and after pulling a Tom Hanks in "Big" eating caviar scene I finally got him to just graze.

We had a wonderful ride.   I told Kellie that Biscuit is 98% of the time just a doll and 2% of the time he is a pill.  But, since he doesn't bite, kick, rear, buck, spook, bolt or in otherways act like a fool I will just have to work around the 2% of the time he is a jerk.

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