Friday, November 15, 2013

Retraining a Biscuit

I went down Monday to see the horses.  I was actually going to ride Biscuit but he seemed to "know" and refused to come in.  I sat out there for an hour hoping he would come in.  No such luck.  Lee Ann and Miss Jean came on the Gator - they were worming horses and they wormed Sarge but of course, couldn't catch Biscuit.  Dang.

Lee Ann B. came down a little later riding Rogue in a snaffle!!!  Woot!!!!  We visited a while and then she rode him back to the barn.  I tried "walking Biscuit down" in the pasture but I could see after a while that wasn't going to happen.  Ugh.  I headed for the barn to talk to Lee Ann about moving him to a different pasture.

I spoke to Lee Ann P and B all about the 50 miler Lee Ann P and Legato did on Saturday!  It was so exciting to hear about it.  I so want to go!!!  Aziza ran in the 25 miler and did great.  I always knew Aziza would be the bomb one day.  She was such a little cutie when she was foaled right after we got to Plum Nearly 4.5 years ago.  I spoke to Lee Ann about moving Biscuit to a smaller paddock so I wouldn't have such a problem catching him.  She said to ask Miss Jean.  I went into the office and discussed it with Miss Jean.  I told her all the issues I was having and that this just started 3 weeks before my surgery.

She suggested putting him in the kennel area where we used to soak the horses feet.  I got the Gator and went down there with food and he finally came into the corral, I shut the gate and he happily let me put his halter on.

I took him up to the front and Lee Ann P wormed him.  He wasn't real happy about it but he got over it.  Someone having his nose in a pinch had a little to do with it.  Lee Ann told him he could do it the easy way or the hard way :-)

I put him in the kennel and he walked around and I caught him several times with no problem.  This will be something I have to work on.

Wednesday I took them to the vet for their rabies shots.  It was the first cool/cold day of the season and it was freaking 38 degrees.  I had to be at the vet at 9:00 so I was at the barn before 8:00 AM.  Biscuit was standing at his gate, he'd already been fed but he just stood there while I haltered him.  I put him on the wash rack and went down to get Sarge.  Jamie was coming with feed so he helped me hook up the trailer.  He is such a doll!  I loaded Sarge and put his feed in and went up to the front and loaded Biscuit.  Biscuit wanted some of Sarge's feed so I used the trailer tie to keep him out of Sarge's feed or to keep Sarge from busting a gut all over Biscuit.  Hauled out to the vet and Doc gave them their shots in the trailer...didn't even have to unload them.  Got a copy of Sarge's Coggins.  I have lost his somehow.  I thought maybe it was in the truck but Barry said no.

Kellie was at home so I stopped and visited with her for about 30 minutes.  It was cold so the boys were just fine in the trailer.  I stopped at the new doughnut place on Hwy 124 and OMG their bear claws were amazing.  I took some doughnuts to Jamie and Edgar for being such sweeties to me all the time.  Biscuit went back into his kennel and Sarge down the road.  Poor Sarge!!  He is always getting fricked over by sick or misbehaving pasture mates!

My plan for Biscuit is to bounce him between both pastures.  I will get him at feeding time on Friday and put him in the kennel.  I will turn him back out to the big pasture on Monday evening.  I am hoping that a few months of this will get him back in a routine of me catching him in the pasture.  It is worth a shot.

Here is Biscuit in his new digs...including one of his new roommates.

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