Saturday, November 2, 2013

3 years of Biscuit

On November 1, 2010 I paid Kenny for Biscuit.  We negotiated a price that worked for both of us and the deal was done.   I had bought a little yellow fellow named Goose.  I changed his name to PAC that stood for Piece of Cake.  He was a Piece of Cake to ride.  But, that didn't seem to fit him well.  I liked Nick Nolte as a name because his mane was as blonde as Nick Nolte's hair.  OMG Randy DeMary had a hissy fit - he didn't like that name and insisted that NN was not a good name for a bunch of different reasons!  We went back and forth on that one and I really liked the name Nick!!  I thought about Tucker - I like that name but it didn't fit either.  I called his "the other horse" for a long time.  I was riding with Susan, Kellie and Lee Ann B one day and Susan suggested Biscotti, Kellie suggested Scottie and Lee Ann B said Biscuit.  I liked Biscuit so it stuck.  A cake friend of mine just suggested I was Butter because I sat on a Biscuit.  hahahaha   I thought that was freaking funny.

Biscuit was underweight and full of worms when I got him.  Sarge ended up with worms as a result that I had a really hard time getting rid of - way harder than getting rid of Biscuit's worms!  Biscuit started putting on weight immediately - good food and free choice hay started him on the road to good health.  It took a year to put shine in his coat though.  Now Biscuit is filled out, in shape and looking like a million bucks.

Here is what he looked like the first time I saw him.  Esther was riding him.  He flopped down in the water three times while she was mounted on him.  He stuck his face in the water and was swishing it back and forth.  I took this picture of him. 

This picture was of the first time I rode him to try him out at Ebenezer in mid October of 2010.  He was a good boy but his ground manners needed some serious work and he was extremely fidgety too.  

Randy taught him to load up in my Brenderup.  The night before he had gotten scared and came flying back out of the trailer and hyper extended Barry's fingers.  Ouch!  I think he actually cracked his fingers.  They hurt for a year when he'd play golf!  On this day we took him from Kenny's and down to Kellie's where we gave him a bath.  The next day she and Randy hauled him to Houston where we rode at the Airport.  He was pretty good - sometimes gave me a little trash about slowing down from a trot but over all he was good.

Biscuit started putting on weight when I got him to Plum Nearly.  He had a thick heavy coat that winter because he was so thin.  It took an entire year of good feed to put a good shine to his coat.  Now he is shiny as he can be with soft hair, good feet, not perfect; they are tender on rocks! 

He has made a wonderful trail horse for me and he is worth his weight in gold.  He doesn't spook or act stupid.  He is pretty dang level headed.  He's my Biscuit Man. 

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