Friday, November 15, 2013

My Brenderup Ramp Problem

Today I called the ASAP Trailer in Tomball about repairing my Brenderup.  They said they no longer repair them as they can't get the parts.  Used to get them from El Paso but it is now in New Hampshire.  I told them my problem and asked it they could fix it because I didn't need parts.  They said no.  Ugh.

So I called the place in New Hampshire Mountaintop Trailers and spoke to Andy.  They do have parts and can get me new graphics.  He said it would cost approximately $2000 to order a new ramp.  OMG.  He did say that repairing them is not difficult.

So I called Duvall's.  I spoke to Danny and told him my problem.  He said to bring it by and he would look at it.  I took Barry with me out to the barn to pick it up.  Hauled it over to Duvall's and Danny took a look at it.  He said yes he could repair it.  He will have to take the door apart he said.  We looked at the soft spot and is blistering all across the bottom.  He said he would have to take it totally apart, get marine plywood and some sort of coating that is what they use on RV's.  It will run between $1,000 and $1,300.  Ugh.  He is kind of busy but I will take it the Monday after Thanksgiving and it should be ready Friday, December 6th.

I can haul Biscuit because he is on the left side not the right side.  If I have to haul the weekend of December 6th and it isn't ready, I will have to get someone else to haul me.

I will take pictures of it once they get it all apart.  Not a happy camper about this.  It is only 4 years and 7 months old.

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